My internet connection is being fucking gay. For the past couple of days I’ve been lucky to get somewhere around 20KBps. Right now I’m sitting at 9.6, and I’m tearing my fucking hair out. It took me forever to finally download the unemployment application PDF file, and I just have to print that out, fill it out, and send it in. Then thousands of dollars will be sent to me, weekly, because I used to make $38 an hour. Yep. *wipes single tear from eye* So anyway, I’m sick of not having DSL, and I hope to god holy hell that I can get it sometime soon. Otherwise, I really didn’t accomplish much of anything today. Friday’s my big day. I will have a job by the end of my trip to Perris. Things will be good.

The good news just keeps pouring in. At a point in the day I decided I needed to go out and get a pack of smokes. I got in my car, fired it up, popped in a misfits cd, and started to leave. As I’m backing out of the driveway, my car stops abruptly, as if I hit something. I got out and looked around, and there wasn’t anything behind me, nothing under my tires, nothing at all. That was weird. So I pull forward, and try again, with the same result. It was if there was a strange forcefield blocking my path. So I repeat the process, but this time when the car stopped, I gave it some gas. I got the RPMs up to around 2 grand before it would move, and the movement was followed by a loud metal-on-metal noise. I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I borrowed my roommate’s truck to go out. When I got back I talked to Chris, and he said it sounds like my transmission gears are binding in reverse. He thinks I just need to add fluid. Upon further inspection, he said I actually need a transmission service. Well duh, I haven’t done that since I’ve had the car. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be delving deeper into car repair, as I need to have reliable transportation to get to and from the new job I’m going to get on Friday. *crosses fingers* So hopefully it’s not anything major. Hopefully I’m just an idiot for not getting a transmission service sooner. Chances are, I’m an idiot one way or another.

It’s strange what kind of a bond being unemployed can bring. Since I’ve been out of work, things around the house haven’t been so bad. I don’t know if I’m becoming more accepting of things, or if people aren’t being as annoying. All I know is that me and Chris are getting along real well, and for the past couple of months we barely even talked. Same thing with his sister, who is also unemployed. His girlfriend and I have actually started to talk more too, and I used to pretty much ignore her. So my living situation has improved greatly in the past week. I don’t know why, I just know that it has.

So on the itinerary for tomorrow is to mail out my unemployment application, fix (at least try) my car, and do my laundry. I know I’ve been talking about dirty clothes all week, but I really plan on doing it tomorrow. I’m getting down to my last threads if you know what I mean. In other news, apparently the new season of Family Guy is supposed to be starting up again on fox (despite previous rumors of being on cartoon network along with the syndicated episodes) in may. This, along with Seth McFarlane’s new show “American Dad”, are both showing their pilots on Superbowl Sunday. I normally watch the superbowl anyway, so I’ll definitely be tuning in for that. I found another interesting tidbit today while surfing: “Earth Erotica”. Turns out someone has a knack for finding dirty parts on rocks and whatnot. The source: Flaunting It.

This pisses me off. I was planning (once I got DSL) on buying World of Warcraft. Now apparently Blizzard has pulled it from shelves across the country because of troubles with their servers. So, (to my Dad’s liking) I’ll be buying Everquest as soon as I get a job, so that I can play that with him. I may invest in WoW eventually, but not for now. My Dad told me that when he has trouble with his DSL he has played EQ with a modem, and said it ran smoothly. Now I just have to hope that my internet connection clears up so that I’m not getting disconnected all of the time. Anyway, that’s about it for me. Time to hit the hay.