Hey kids. The past couple of days have been pretty eventful. Yesterday I finally filled out my unemployment application and sent that out. My internet connection seems to be finally straightening out. I think the guys who are building new houses at the end of my street may have been fucking with the phone lines. Or maybe it was verizon. Who knows. But I’m sitting pretty at 40KBps right now (sitting pretty? what am I talking about, this fucking sucks). Anyhow, I also figured out what was going on with my car. It turns out that the lower caliper bolt was missing completely, and a hub bolt is stripped, so there was a rattling noise all of the time (I probably could have noticed sooner, but I like my music loud). Then, the caliper was swinging out when I hit the brakes in reverse, and cutting into the inner part of the rim. So, I jacked a caliper bolt off of the honda sitting in the backyard, and that did that. I also tightened all of the other bolts and everything is back to normal (normal = broken, but driveable). I still need to get that rotor replaced (warped), but that will have to wait until I get some income.

Speaking of income, I’m not getting a job at Stater Bros. The reason for this, is because I never fucking got there to apply. I called last night, and they were doing their thing between 10 and 12. So we (me, Chris, and my other friend Herbie) got up at 8:30, and took off just after 9. We were using Chris’ girlfriend’s truck, and she decided to go along too. So we’re on our way. No one could decide on which way to take that would be the fastest. I suggested taking Warren Rd. to Hwy 74 on out to the I-215. But Chris wanted to take Ramona Expressway straight into Perris. We ended up taking my way, but instead of going out to Warren like we planned, a “short cut” was deemed neccesary. This was our downfall. We turned right down Menlo, which connects to Warren, but between the two points was a dirt road. No big deal, we’re in a truck right? So we start down the dirt road and and come to a huge mud puddle. I’m sure that you’re thinking that we get stuck, but that’s not the worst part of it. The bad part is that we saw another truck stuck in the mud, with 5 dudes trying to get it out. There was a 4Runner trying to pull it out, and another suburban on the side that appeared to be on dry land. So we decide to go around it, and guess what? We get stuck. The other guys out there looked at us like we were idiots. And of course, we were. So we call a tow truck, and the truck arrives about a half hour later. He pulls onto the road, stops, gets out, and walks over to us. He says that this service isn’t covered by AAA because it’s a “unmaintained road”. He also says he can’t get his truck up to it to pull it out anyway. So he stayed out there with us for about 40 minutes trying to get the fucker unstuck to no avail. Afterward, he suggests we call Clark’s Towing, because they have a huge truck that is 10 wheel drive. Sounds good, but unfortunately they charge $150 an hour, and we were all stuck here because we were trying to apply for a job. Obviously we didn’t have the money. So Herbie suggests that we call his buddy Andrew, who has a 4WD Suburban. So Andrew gets there about a half hour later and he doesn’t have a long enough tow rope. So him and Herbie go to Pep Boys (of all fucking places) to get a tow strap. Well, it turns out they only had one 30 footer, and it cost $70. Around this time, the other guys out there had one of their friends come out, and they brought some tow straps and a long chain with hooks. They were successful in pulling out the truck with the 4Runner (which we didn’t think could be done). So we asked to borrow their shit, and when the guys got back we pulled out our truck. It was a great reason to get out of bed early. That was enough of an adventure for me, so I got home ASAP, and now I’m doing this. I also don’t have any work leads now, so on Monday morning, it’s off to get a paper and start a serious hunt. It’s a pain in the ass, but I’ll have to do it.

Tonight my other roommate Howard (whom I shouldn’t even call a roommate anymore, as he always stays at his girlfriend’s) is coming over with his girl and a shitload of alcohol, so we’re getting drunk, and that will be that. Otherwise, I’ve just been playing Warcraft III and whatnot. Tons of fun. That’s it for now. Toodles.