Work Related

I’ve been pretty busy the past couple of days. On Saturday, me and my buddy Drews went and saw the movie “White Noise”. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time with this one. It was a huge pile of steaming shit. Honestly, the movie had good potential to be scary. But it lacked something. I don’t know what, but it wasn’t scary. At all. The whole first half was pretty good, but the farther into the movie we went the more we wished we had seen something else. So yeah, pass on that one unless you absolutely have to. Afterwards me and Drews went to our friend Travis’s house and played some more video games and watched Chappelle’s show. That’s one funny negro. Mr. Chappelle, I salute you. Supposedly his second season is already out, but I haven’t been able to find it. With my luck, it comes out tomorrow, and I don’t have the money for it now. I went out to Target to try and buy it today, but with no luck, I ended up buying “Snatch” (excellent movie, definitely pick it up if you haven’t already seen it) which I used to own on VHS, but I sold all of my tapes a long time ago. I also picked up the newest from “My Chemical Romance”, and I think it’s pretty good. Apparently the singer is the brother of the frontman for “The Used”, but I really can’t stand them. To me, MCR sounds a lot more like Coheed and other good emo bands. Anyway, Sunday was pretty eventful too. I woke up around 12 and talked to my mom, who wanted me to go with her to pick up my sister from the airport. See, my mom, stepdad, and sister moved to Washington a couple of months ago, with hopes of a better life, and like most people who rely on hope to get them by, they were smacked down with the large gavel I call reality. So my mom came back a few weeks ago to start over here. My sister followed, this weekend. She’s staying with me temporarily, until they can get a house again, at which point she will leave my house. I don’t mind though, my sister’s pretty easy to get along with, unlike someone else’s sister. So we picked her up from the airport at 4:30, and came back home. Me, her, and my girlfriend stayed up late trading stories and catching up. It was a good time, and I never realized how much I missed having family around. I’ve always been so independent, I never really paid attention to my family when they were around all of the time, my friends were like a surrogate family for me. But then friends can become flaky, or can fall completely out of your life. It’s good to have family around. At least I realize that now.

Today I got up around 10, and me and my sister went out to do laundry (it’s about fucking time. I was tired of going commando, heh). Afterwards I came home and registered on almost every online employment service known to man. I also applied for about 5 jobs, and after about 4 hours of that, I got pretty fed up, so I’m doing this now. The plan for tomorrow is to hit up Home Depot, as my sister has a friend that works there and said she could probably get her in, so I’m hoping she can do the same for me. I already applied for positions with them online, but I figure it can’t hurt to talk to people in person and see what happens. For the rest of the evening I’m going to vegitate. I’m just waiting for Bridget to come over, and we’re going to watch Snatch as she hasn’t seen it, which I can’t believe.

I added a few more links, and changed around the order of the links a bit. One of the new links I used to visit in the past, and the other I just discovered last night. Both are pretty interesting sites. So check ’em out. But anyway, that’s about it for this time. I’ll be back when more shit hits the fan.