Backend of Forever

This whole being unemployed thing is really getting old. It’s only been two weeks (actually, not until friday) but it feels like it’s been an eternity. The only noteworthy things that I’ve done is a shitload of job hunting and getting my third tattoo finished. It’s a pumpkin (from AFI’s “All Hallows EP”) with a black rose next to it (instead of just the leaves from the aforementioned picture) and a banner in front that reads “Fall Child”. I think it’s my best looking tattoo yet. Anyway, all that was left to finish was filling in the rose, banner, and lettering, and I went with Howard to Mike’s (tattoo artist) to get that shit finished yesterday. He got more work done too, and his sleeve is almost complete. We estimate two more sessions will be all it takes for his sleeve to be full. It’s looking pretty good to, in my opinion. That’s really all I’ve been up to. My job hunt has been fruitless though. I’ve applied to a couple dozen places online, along with Home Depot, LHMWD (water district), and a couple other places in person. So far so good I guess. Still no word on when my unemployment check is coming, but that’s not a major issue. I’m not completely broke yet.

Luckily, I paid my rent for next month ahead of time, but I do have to pay my insurance on the 8th, and I’m not sure if I’ll have my unemployment by then. Hopefully, because it’s going to be hard to pay otherwise. Then all I have to worry about is my credit card payments, which are due around the middle of the month. I just got my Capital One bill today. I haven’t used the damn thing in over a month, and when I looked at the statement is said that I’m over the balance. I couldn’t figure out why, but upon further inspection, they have a fucking membership fee of $60! So that shot me up over the balance, and now I’m even farther from paying the fucker down. Which sucks too, because that was also emergency money. But oh well, what are you going to do right?

One other cool thing I found out today: My girlfriend’s Mom works at Longs (she’s some type of manager or some shit) and she has the ability to close out rentals (for those of you who have never been in Longs, it has a movie rental section, and they’re pretty cheap) after they have been on the shelf for a while. Actually, I think they have to keep them on the shelf until they’ve paid themselves back (pay off the cost of buying the rental in the first place). Anyway, my girl called me this morning and had a list of movies that they were closing out today, and wanted to know which ones I wanted. The cool part is that most of these movies are in pretty good condition, and the employees can buy them at $5 a pop. So I’m getting 4 new movies today, which consist of I Robot, Bad Santa, Harry Potter 3, and Dodgeball. Of course, I’ve seen all of these movies, but it’s nice to expand your collection. So guess what I’ll be doing tonight. Heh.

One last thing. My buddy Jason emailed me this morning about updating his site. If you click on the link in his update, you can see him doing various things on his new bike. It’s a pretty sweet bike btw. Anyhow, that’s it for me. I’ll be seeing ya.