No Opposition

Things are finally coming together once again. It’s funny, because the other day I was talking to my mom, and she said that I’m so much like a cat. I asked why, and she said “because you always land on your feet”. I guess she’s right, because all of my stress has been alleviated. Yesterday, me and a couple of buddies were chilling, playing some NFSU2 on PS2, when Chris got a call from his girlfriend. He left the room and came back a few minutes later, stating that he had some good news. Apparently his girl is friends with one of the higher ups at Soboba Casino (an indian gaming place in San Jacinto), as she used to work there as well. Anyway, the guy told her that if she sent me and Chris in to put in an application, and put his friend’s name on the top of the form that we would get hired guaranteed. So Chris told us the good news, and there was much rejoicing. So on Monday we’re going to the casino and applying. The best part is that it’s a security job, which is cake, and it pays $11 to start for full time, or $12 to start for part time. Although on part time you don’t get benefits, I think I might sign up for that to make the same amount of money and have 3 days off instead. I haven’t decided, but either sounds good. Then we all proceeded to get drunk to celebrate. A 20 pack and a few shots later, I was hammered and went to bed.

The second part that makes things even better, is that my claim form for unemployment came in, and I was notified how much I’m going to receive, and I should get paid on Friday next week. Anyway, I was “awarded” $139 a week, which means on Friday I’ll be receiving a check for $278. Now despite the fact that this amount is jack shit compared to what I’ve been making, it is still money that I didn’t have to work for, so it’s all good. With that money, I have a couple of bills to pay, and whatever is left I’ll use to make it by until I start at Soboba. The only downfall to the Soboba thing, is that they said they weren’t sure when we would start. So if worse comes to worse, I’ll put in a few more applications, and get another unemployment check to tide me over. Either way, I’m good until March 1st on rent, so I don’t really have any big bills to deal with. And when I start at Soboba the real cash will be rolling in. Life is good. For now.

Sadly, my site has definitely turned into a blog. I really haven’t focused on making more content for the page, and when I sit down and actually try, I don’t make much progress. I’m going to try and brainstorm more ideas for the site within the next couple of days. Good news is that Jasinner said that he would be interested in making a colaborative page again with me, but when we’ll be able to work on that, I don’t know. Hopefully soon, because it’s more fun working on a page with others, plus you can work off of things that they say, find, read, etc. So look for better shit to come later on. Maybe then I’ll have him help me get the code up to snuff again and get a news publisher going and whatnot.

One last thing before I go: Guy Ritchie is making a new movie, and he’s finally going back to the tried and true formula that actually works. Sure, he made “Swept Away”, but “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock” were gold mines. Pure, classic, crime capers. Anyway, the newest, “Revolver”, looks to be just as good as his first two efforts. Can’t wait for this one to come out. Oh, and I added a link to Caster’s Realm.