Screens from London

I’ve been playing Hellgate London pretty regularly. The game has piqued my interest, and held it thus far. I’m hoping it lasts, unlike my experience with PotBS. I’ve made myself 3 characters online now, restarting my Engineer, along with making a Guardian and a Summoner. All three characters play differently, and they all have plenty to offer. The skill tress are interesting, and the gear in the game is freakin’ cool. So far my highest level is the Engineer, sitting at level 9. The Guard is level 4, and the Summoner is level 4 also. From what I’ve seen, the Engineer is still going to be my main, though sometimes it’s cool to mess around with magic or a sword instead of the guns.


Here’s my Engineer, just arriving in the 3rd station.


My Guardian, looking pretty spiffy with some plate armor and Glowy Sword/Board.


My Summoner, dual wielding a focus item and dart gun.

I have yet to play with my Dad, as we’ve just missed each other or he’s been playing EQ2 a lot. I’m still subscribed but haven’t played much. PotBS is expired and good riddance. Otherwise I play some CoD4 here and there, or go out with friends. Speaking of which, last night was Ted’s party. Him and a few of the other officers from work had birthdays this month, so they had a combined party to celebrate. There were two kegs, and plenty of other things to drink. Gonzalo, a tech at work, D.J.’ed and he did a great job. I played around with some of his stuff, scratching a bit along with singing along to Danzig’s “Mother”, on his mic. Was a blast, and afterwards we met Megan and Herbie at Little Louie’s where they were having another drink. Megan had just turned 21, so she finally could get into the bar, so we had to go see that. When the bar closed we went to their house for a little while, and got home late. Needless to say I didn’t go to work today.

In a little bit we’re supposed to go to the bar again. I unfortunately have to work tomorrow, so I won’t be staying late, nor will I be drinking. I’m just going to hang out while everyone celebrates Meg’s b-day. And… that’s about all.