As I mentioned last post, I had to go into work to cover for my boss the other day. The two hours that I was supposed to cover him for turned into five hours. I was a little irritated, but after I got on the road back home it didn’t matter any more. I spent Thursday night at Hollee’s house, we had a little get together and it ended up being a good night overall. Friday was spent at band practice, where we played for a solid three hours. Afterwards I finally did a little vegging out on EQ2, and then hit the hay for work.

I worked my shift saturday, and once I was off, Hollee met up with me at my house. Keith (my drummer) plays with his Dad on occasion, and they had a gig out in Lake Elsinore. I had agreed to go watch them play, and Hollee agreed to accompany me. It was a pretty cool bar (cheap too), and we hung out for a while and had a good time. Then we hit some food on the way home and called it an evening. Sunday we watched football all day and I was bummed to find out that my team was going to be playing Monday night, not Sunday. I watched the games anyway, and Hollee was bummed to watch her Chargers get smoked by the Steelers. I laughed, but I shouldn’t have, as my Packers were owned tonight by Minnesota. Ah well, it’s bound to happen here and there.

Today (and tomorrow will be as well) was a bad day. I got up around 11, with the intentions of getting on EQ2 and playing until the evening when I had to go into work to throw truck. I saw a missed call from the boss and I returned it. Turns out tomorrow he needs me to cover him for a couple hours again, in the morning, similarly to last week (on my day off again). He wanted me to come in at  10, but I was scheduled to work grave tonight for truck. So, I ended up going in at 12:30 today, working until 7, finishing nearly all of the truck by myself (leaving only a pallet for the truck crew to finish up), and I’ll have to go in tomorrow at 10 am still. On top of having to screw my whole schedule up, having to come in on my day off again, and having to work truck essentially alone, I also had some real asshole customers to deal with, and then had to come home to see my team get beaten. One of those days I guess.

So I don’t get to sleep in tomorrow as I originally planned. Nor will I be able to play EQ as long tonight. But I’ll have some extra hours on my check, so I guess overall it’s a good thing. But I’m still in a bad mood…