I forgot to mention the other day that I rolled over 30,000 hits. Granted, it took a hell of a lot longer to reach 30,000 than it did to reach 20,000. I’m sure the reason for this is obvious, seeing as how I didn’t blog for 6 months. Either way, chock up another milestone. The next milestone I’ll be expecting is my 500th post, which is fast approaching.

We had band practice last night. We have two more before we play Keith’s wedding. I still have yet to figure out a costume for the event. Him and Amanda decided to get married on Halloween, and he decided that we should play our 1st “come back” show that night. So costumes are a requirement, and me and my other band mates are the groomsmen. It’s an honor really, and I know it’s going to be a blast playing in front of people again. I just can’t figure out what the hell I’m going to dress up as.

Our practice went well, as they have been going for the past month or so (before that was a little too sporadic to make any real progress). I have been working on my “stage presence”, trying to move around more and being more creative with my vocals. I’m hoping that my work will show. Our “core” songs, “Nothing Wrong”, “Fat Chicks”, “Honesty”, “Broken Bottles”, “Push the Button”, and “Life in the Pit”, went off without a hitch last night. I could really feel the energy as opposed to other practices. We started working on our covers, as Ted still needed to learn them, and he picked up bits and pieces of “In Your Eyes”, although it still needs polish, and he needs to learn “Dead Cities” and “London Dungeon”. The latter being one we picked to cover specifically for our show Halloween night. The last song we worked on was “Greedy Little Girls”, which was the last new song we created when Steve was still our guitarist. I think Ted’s got it down, just has to figure out the exact timing. Overall it was a productive night.

Me and Ted had been working on a new song, which is still untitled. He came up with a couple really cool guitar riffs, and I was having trouble putting lyrics to them, as his structure wasn’t working for me. So I advised a change in the song structure, and I finished off the lyrics based off that structure. I’m thinking it’s going to be a great song, vastly different from what we’ve already done, just have to get the other guys on the same page.

Otherwise it’s work work work all the live long day. Feels like I haven’t had a day off in forever, but that’s mostly due to the fact that I’ve been going in on my days off. Hopefully this upcoming week I’ll actually get to enjoy them.

I’ve managed to play a couple hours of EQ2 here and there, almost daily. With my random schedule it’s hard to guarantee when I’ll play, but I’ve managed to play at all different times of the day. I haven’t done much with my Brigand, aside from some quests in Lavastorm with my Dad. I’m pretty much leaving him sit unless my Dad is on, because I don’t really know what’s going on with the new expansion, and he’s already level 80. Granted, he needs about 60 AAs, but those will come. For now, I’ve been working on getting my Paladin up to level 80. I want to have the option to tank or play dps, so having two level 80s will give me a broader range to experience quests/raids/grouping. Also, with two level 80s I’ll get a bigger xp bonus, so any of my little alts can be leveled that much faster.

I did create a wizard in TD. He’s almost level ten, but definitely a backburner toon. My main focus is to get the Pally to 80. From there, I can max out his and the Brigand’s AAs and really focus on getting their gear. Having my Mythical on both would be awesome.

Since I have a couple hours before work, I’m going to see what progress can be made.