I Love The Fall

It could be just because I’m a fall child, but I really enjoy this time of year. Once October arrives, the weather cools off, we start seeing some rain, and my personally favorite holidays are right around the corner.

Halloween is coming, and I think I finally figured out what I’m going to be. I can’t recall if I mentioned it, but FOS will be playing our comeback show on that night. Our drummer is getting married and having a Halloween party in the same night. So of course costumes are required, and I was having trouble figuring out what I was going to be. My costume has to be especially prevalent, mainly because I’m the frontman of the band, so I’m going to be getting the most attention. Don’t want to have the worst costume and be the center of attention. So I’m hoping I’ve picked something appropriate.

My second favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, mainly because of the food, but I enjoy the gatherings as well. I don’t have a large family, but we manage to have a decent turnout anyway, and a feast is always promised. Can’t forget either, that football is a cornerstone of the weekend, and we all love football don’t we? Speaking of football, did you see the one handed catch my receiver Donald Driver caught yesterday? Sweet christ, what a catch! My Packers went on to destroy Detroit, shutting them out and keeping them win-less this season. Not a huge feat, but fun to see nonetheless.

I had some extra cash for once this weekend, and since I had paid all of my bills, and got everything with my car squared away, I managed to purchase some things. I’ve had a Boost Mobile phone for over a year now, but because I bought the cheapest phone possible at the time, I thought it was time for an upgrade. I ended up getting a new phone at Radio Shack, the newest Motorola that looks like a blackberry, the i465. It’s still not a touch screen, it’s still not a top of the line phone, but I don’t really care about all those bells and whistles. It does what I want it to do, and it’s a bit more “new” than the piece of shit I had before.

I ended up having the urge to play my Wii for the first time in a couple months. Because I hadn’t had any money for a while, I had been bored with the games I had for the system, and I started back up in EQ2,  I hadn’t been playing the console. Ted had gone through a dry spell with his Xbox as well, up until a couple days ago when he bought a used copy of Soul Caliber IV, which is a decent fighter, but nothing to write home about. I see games I want for the 360 all the time, but because the system isn’t mine I’m hesitant to buy them, although I did by Street Fighter 4 for it a while back. If I was to get another console, I’d buy a PS3 anyway, so Xbox games aren’t going to do me any good, save for store credit at Game Stop.

So the other day I went to Game Stop and found a copy of Guitar Hero 5 with a guitar. It was a bit pricey, but I needed the guitar controller, and now I can play any of the other games without purchasing anything but the software. The Metallica edition interests me, and I might go and get the last game, World Tour, only because I never got to play much of that one. I’m not really interested in the drums, so the only other peripherals I would purchase is another guitar, and the microphone. I know Hollee would love to sing along. But any of that can wait, I’m having fun with GH5 with just the guitar. I’d say I’m about 50% done with Career mode, but there’s a lot of other features to the game that give it quite a bit of replay, not to mention the ability to download new songs (which is new to me, having only played the first 3 guitar hero games on the ps2). It’s nice to have a game around that is more socially oriented, and I’ve been finding myself broadening my musical tastes through it. I’ve downloaded a lot of songs recently that I’ve learned to love only because of guitar hero. Now I’m sounding like a fanboy so moving on…

In EQ2 land I got sidetracked for a couple days playing my little Wizard in Timerous Deep. He’s nearing level 15 now, and is a lot of fun to play. I’m thinking this might be my next level 80, after I finish off the Paladin of course. I really need to start working on getting shard armor and upgrading all of my spells on my Brigand, but I’m enjoying the leveling part of the game again. Being cap is great, but grinding for AA is a lot less fun than grinding levels. You get so much more to look forward to when leveling a new toon. But I digress. I’m hoping to get some solid chunks of play time here on my couple days off.

Yesterday Hollee’s band was playing at the SoCal Fair in Perris. I’ve never been to this fair, so I thought it would be pretty cool to check out. Ted’s sister had already invited him to come out and see the Destruction Derby, so we all rolled out together. We ate food. We ate snacks. Me and Ted got FOS stickers made for our cars. Hollee’s son rode rides. We watched a bit of the Derby. We watched Hollee’s band play for a while. We came home. I drank some beers and played some Guitar Hero. Not only is my girlfriend fucking hot, but she’s an amazing singer. It was a great day. And now, it’s time I return to my vegitative weekend.