I went camping this weekend with Hollee, Brandon, and Hollee’s friend Evie and her family. We went up in the local mountains, and I can’t remember the name of the site, but it was across the street from lake Hemet. It was a pretty decent trip, aside from being a little hastily planned for my tastes. We left the house on Friday at 6, and just got home an hour ago. Fortunately my Mom had a lot of camping gear, so we had everything we needed, and those comforts are great in the outdoors. Friday night we had some drinks after eating some dinner, and then proceeded to freeze our asses off. We found out on Saturday that it was down to 29 degrees Friday night, so yeah, we were cold. Saturday was spent hanging out, and though everyone else was drinking, I wasn’t really feeling it, so I only had a couple of beers. It seemed like all we did was drink and eat, but I’m sure there’s other unimportant details in there. Today we got up, ate some breakfast, packed up, and left at about 1. Now that I’m home I feel the sunburn a little more pronounced, but otherwise the fresh air did me some good. All in all it was an interesting trip. I think now a proper trip needs to be planned, one that’s longer, farther away, and maybe including more people (particularly some of my own friends).

The title of this post had a dual meaning, the first part should be obvious by now, I had just come home from camping. The second part, is something most of you probably would not have guessed. As I’ve been posting, for the last couple months I had been enjoying my time playing World of Warcraft. I will not deny that I had quite a bit of fun, as the game is so easily accessible, and I was playing with someone that I knew in real life (come to find out, I know a few of the people who were in my guild as well). Part of me still wants to play the game, as Gnart, my Warlock had hit level 57, and I had a level 61 Death Knight (Thaenos) that I started right after my lock hit 55. I also leveled up both toons’ tradeskilling, so things were on an even keel, and I was progressing quite nicely. I had just dipped my toes in The Burning Crusade content, and obviously I hadn’t touched on WotLK, aside from making the DK.

I’m not going to say that I’m done with that game, but my funds don’t really allow for me to pay for two MMOs at once. Nor do I have the time to play more than one, as I don’t feel I have enough time to devote to one most days. So I cancelled my WoW subscription, but I won’t say I’m quitting the game, more that I’m taking a break. Not even because I was getting bored; I still had plenty of places to explore, and hadn’t seen end-game content yet. I’m taking a break because of someone else’s new-found love for MMOs.

Jason my friend and co-worker, works on graveyard with me at the casino. I see him pretty regularly, and we discuss what games we’re playing. I got him into EQ2 back in the day, and he’s still playing; he tells me about all of the new content in SF, and things going on with the game in general. Though it doesn’t interest him, I share my tales of WoW. Last Friday, he told me that he had decided to transfer his main to a different server for raiding. He left his current guild, one that his girlfriend is still in. He still has toons on the Butcherblock server, but his raiding main is now on Unrest. Because that was his main, and his old guild basically fell apart, his girlfriend was at a loss with what to do in-game. My Sister and her relatively new boyfriend Billy, had been playing the original Everquest, because he had been playing for years and wanted her to play with him. She was reluctant because of a past experience with WoW (a neglectful boyfriend), but ended up enjoying the game. I was surprised to find out she was playing, and that she had a higher level toon in that game than I ever did, although I didn’t play solidly for long before I found EQ2.

Jason told me that his girlfriend, knowing he wouldn’t be playing on the Butcherblock server as much, and knowing that my sister was playing MMOs, decided to try to convince my sister to play EQ2 instead of the original. Apparently she was successful, and my sister and her boyfriend downloaded the trial, and were hooked. When Jason told me my sister would be playing my old MMO, I couldn’t resist the urge to go play the game again. I’m way far behind and vastly under-geared, and I need to buy the new expansion, but this isn’t about catching up with the Jones’s. This is about sharing a gaming experience with another member of my family (my Dad being the first common denominator), and helping them get the best out of it. There’s also the potential for me, my Dad, my sister and her boyfriend, and Jason and his girlfriend to all get online with lowbies and have a dedicated group. I’m not sure if schedules will allow it, but I’m going to try to have a group session with all of the people I know that play the game. I’m excited at the prospect.

So on Friday after I cancelled my WoW subscription, I re-subscribed to EQ2. I rolled a new Defiler, because I haven’t ever fully leveled a Healer, and being a Healer or a Tank takes a bit of skill as opposed to the DPS classes. I figured I’d take one of the more difficult roles, until I figure out who is good at what. For now, we will see how it goes. I foresee some class changing before final decisions are made. In my spare time when no one else is online, I will level my Paladin to 80, and when I get the cash I will be able to buy Sentinel’s Fate, so I can level the Paladin and Brigand to 90. But my primary focus is on grouping with my friends and family. I think it’s going to be fun.

It feels good to be home.

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  1. Glad to see you back in Norrath. I will def be posting your blog posts to our site again :).



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