As I mentioned in my last post, I had been playing WoW due to a co-worker nagging me into it. Now it’s my turn to do the nagging. Unlike when I wasn’t playing an MMO, when he would talk to me about WoW, all I could do is compare it to EQ2, and mention past glories. Now that I’m back in-game, I have been able to regale him with current EQ2 tales. Because of my knowledge of the game in general (more so pre-TSO) his curiosity has been piqued. The slew of questions I answered today sealed the deal, and he is supposed to be downloading the trial today. Because I heard about my Sister being brought in through the recruit-a-friend deal, I decided to look into it for myself. I was pleased to find out what it entailed, and I sent my co-worker the invitation. Here’s hoping he goes through with a full subscription, because not only does the mount look cool, but it would be nice to get a free month of play.

So it’s been a week since I got back in game. Weekends are usually lacking on down time, so I probably won’t be playing much. As it is I have band practice today, am supposed to be getting tattooed on Saturday, and Sunday is Mother’s Day, so of course I have to do something for my Mom. But come Monday morning, I will be back in full stride. Weekdays seem to be the best time for me to play these days, having the schedule that I do.

So what have I been doing? Well, aside from trying to figure out all of the changes, I’ve pretty much picked up where I left off. The Defiler I created to play with my Sister reached level 17, and about 5 levels of that was just from collections. The Wizard I created during my last visit to Norrath has reached level 26, and is currently adventuring in Butcherblock. Thalinos dinged level 76 after gaining access to the shard runs in Lavastorm and turning in some collections. And Izlain has probably seen the most play time, gaining a few AAs. Yesterday he got his 4th shard, and his first piece of his tier 1 set. I have unfortunately been unable to pick up Sentinel’s Fate as of yet, so for now the shard gear grind will have to do. Shard runs once per day until I have something better to do. Because of having done enough quests to gain 50,000 faction with the Order of Flame, I picked up the flaming flying carpet, which is now my fastest (and coolest looking) mount. I also spent a fair amount of time on the broker picking up appearance slot gear for the Brigand, who now looks like a cross between Scorpion (from Mortal Kombat) and the Hamburgler.What can I say, I love the Hoo’loh’s Brigand hat.

My plans for the immediate future are to get the full tier 1 set and fabled epic for my Brigand. I intend to get the set for my Paladin as well, because if nothing else, matching sets are great for appearance. I hate being clown-pants. Whenever I manage to get SF, I will most definitely get both toons to 90 asap. Then comes the long quest grind for AA, as Thalinos has from Fens to whatever the high level SF zone to go, and Izlain has only completed a couple Moors quests. Hopefully I’ll be close to max by the time that is done, but either way I want to get my toons maxed out. It’s been a long while since I’ve had that status, basically since a while after EOF was released. My Defiler will be played sporadically mostly to help my sister level, but also because I want a high level healer eventually. Between everything I have a lot to do, and not enough time to do it, but I’m happy to report that my MMO gamer mood is the best it’s been in a couple of years.