Almost There

Over the course of the last 7 days or so, there has been a lot of progress made.

I’ve been sticking to my guns and playing my Brigand almost exclusively (aside from doing shard runs on my Paladin, and logging others on to use shinies that my Brig collected in his journeys). He is currently sitting at about 60% into level 88, and just got his 166th AA. Things are most definitely going well. I’ve nearly cleared the Sundered Frontier quests, and having access to the Hua Mein village meant I could finish the JoJo HQ, which was completed last night, and the claws are most definitely an upgrade from the crap weapons I had been using.

I got a couple other upgrades from Sebilis, where we were helping two of our Druid guildies to gain their pre-requisite faction for their epics. Nothing too fancy or special, but upgrades nonetheless. I already have 6 level 90 upgrades sitting in my bags, so some or all of this stuff will be replaced anyhow, but baby steps are what it’s about. And if you get effective upgrades from unexpected places while helping guildies get something done, more power to ya I say.

So the goal for now is to get to 90, and get started on marks. Also to get as much AA as possible, so I’ll be attempting to clear my journal of all the old stuff in there, which includes a bunch of HQs and T8 dungeon runs. T9 dungeons as well. After the Brig hits 90, I’ll be bouncing back and forth between him and the Pally, because I want two level 90s. At least it shouldn’t take too long, as the Pally only has 12 levels to go. Then I get to decide what exactly I want to work on next, and I’m thinking the Wizard will be it, mainly because he can port himself and travel won’t be so bad.

No matter the case, I’m fully engrossed in the game again, and I content with that.