One Level 90, One to Go (for now)

My Brigand reached level 90 last night, gaining his 171st AA by that time. Still have a lot of AAs to go, but my more immediate goal is to get my Paladin to level 90 as well. I ended up playing the Pally til he reached level 79 last night, I intend to pick up where I left off today. Currently, the Paladin is sitting in the Fens of Nathsar, so he has a lot of content ahead of him, and actually has a head start from where the Brigand was, plus as part of my plan he is now getting the 10% bonus xp from having one max level toon. So a milestone was reached, but there is one that I have yet to accomplish, that I plan to rectify very soon. I’ve had one toon at cap when the cap was 70, and one when the cap was 80. I want to have two at cap now that it’s 90, and hopefully more than that. I’ve always wished to have one toon from each archetype at cap, so that I always have the option to do whatever is presented to me. Need a tank? I have that. Need a Healer? I got it covered. Slots open for DPS? Send me an invite!

I’m only torn now with my secondary archetypes. I have my tank and dps class set, they will both be 90 within a week or two. My lowbies consist of a Wizard, Defiler, and Dirge. I could actually level all three of them and cover 3 different subsets, as the Wizard is dps, but counts as spell dps rather than physical, the Defiler is a healer, and the Dirge is utility. Where my problem lies is that I’ve always thought the Shamans were the best healers in the game (personal opinion), but I’m starting to lean towards wanting to make a Fury instead. It’s superficial, but I still haven’t quite made a decision, as more pressing matters have taken the forefront. I’ve also wanted to make a utility class, as I always see people who are forming groups asking for Bards or Chanters. I already rolled a Dirge, and I’ve always like the Dirge better than the Troub, without question. But I can’t decide if a Bard is a better choice than a  Chanter, and also the Bard is still a scout and a similar play style to my Brig, whom I’ve already leveled all the way. I like to put a little thought into each character I bring up, because you have to make sure you’re going to be happy with the experience, or you will either pull the plug on the toon, or possibly pull the plug on the game. I can attest to doing both.

Well, for now I am focusing on improving my Brigand while leveling my Paladin. The decisions made with the lowbies will come, and I’ll be sure to let you know what happens.