Me Vs. Myself and I

I suppose I should notate that it’s been a long time (over 5 years) since I adopted the moniker “The Lost Souls” for my blog. Initially I intended for it to be a blog with more than one author, and at one point I did have a guest blogger for a short time. I suddenly realized that being the lone author, there is a problem with the pluralized title. And, I suppose I’m getting older and don’t need a “somber” or “menacing” sounding blog title. It is, after all, a blog about me, my sad little nerdy life and my consistent conflict with life and myself. So I am debuting a new blog title, one that I hope reflects the content of the site a little more accurately, even if it isn’t the most original. You will probably also notice that I changed the theme of the site. I enjoyed my former theme, but this one is a little more practical, and doesn’t have the bright screaming red color that I was beginning to loathe. Be back soon.

A few quick notes (in no particular order)

Just some things I wanted to touch upon, semi-formerly (and we all know that I either post something about something I’m going to post in the future, or I post about something I want to post about and never do (we also know that I post things about things I’ve recently posted about to update my status between then and now (we also know that this is the reason they’re called blogs, they make no sense to anyone but the author).

  • I started a trio with my Sister and her Husband in LOTRO. From what Billy says, there’s dungeons and skirmishes that can be done with three people, even on the F2P level. We let my Sister choose the race we would be playing (so we would all have the same starting area), and let her get first dibs on class choice. She went with an Elven Minstrel, He with a Loremaster, and I went with a Guardian. I figured I would handle tanking duties. This meant that I had no character slots left, as I had decided to keep my Champion, and Minstrel, still had my Hunter (who was going to be deleted once I unlocked the Rune Keeper, but was place holding the name), and still had a trial Loremaster.
  • I ended up purchasing the Warden class, meaning I needed to free up a slot. The choice, at this point, was easy. The Loremaster went goodbye, and I created a Warden. At this point in time, my Champion is still the highest level toon I’ve played, sitting  at level 12. So you can say I haven’t really even touched the game, despite having played fairly regularly.
  • Of the characters I’ve created, I enjoy the Minstrel and Warden the best, But am still holding on to the Hunter as my place holder, and grinding Deeds for Turbine Points so that I can get the Rune Keeper if it’s to go on sale like the Warden did. The Champion is so-so, but Billy ended up deleting his toon I was duo-ing with, so as of now he hasn’t been played and could be deleted without much thought. I doubt I’ll want to play the Guard because the Warden is so much more fun at this point, and could easily fill in for tanking duties in our trio. So when I do end up going back to F2P I think the 3 remaining classes I will have are the Warden, Minstrel and Rune Keeper (if I do end up enjoying it, otherwise the Champ or Guard may make the cut).
  • Uncharted 2 celebrated Hanukkah this year, giving us 8 days of multiplication. In math related terms, this means on the first day, we got 1x cash. Day two was double cash. So on and so forth up to a maximum 8x cash. Between the double cash half-week during the Thanksgiving holiday and this, my level went from 50 to 56. It could have been higher than that, but I only played 2 of the days in November, and on the 2x 3x 4x and 7x days of this holiday. Still, progress was made, I finally have some negative boosters and it will be easier to level all around on normal days. I even snagged a few more trophies in the process, bringing my completion percentage to 88% in the game.
  • I have taken an interest in some current event type stuff, reading and watching videos at the following sites: WikiLeaks, Anonymous and Operation Clambake. Some profound stuff.
  • I went to Ted’s tonight and watched Inception. Got me to thinking about a project I started quite a while ago, that I had lost my drive and direction on. I intend to rectify that situation.
  • I read a book today that I hadn’t touched in a couple years. Surprisingly enough, I picked up where I left off quite readily, and it was enjoyable. The last week or so I have been somewhat inspired and have turned my attention towards reading and writing in a way I hadn’t done since high school.

Again, some quick ideas I wanted to jot down. I should hopefully have some sort of progress report on the projects I have in store soon.