It’s About The Worst Thing…

…That can happen while playing a video game.

I’ve been playing Sacred 2 quite regularly. Within the last couple days I earned quite a few trophies, along with making some nice progress in the game. Just today I hit level 35 on my Inquisitor, along with getting my class mount, and making my way into Chapter 3. This included doing all of the main story/class quests, and I had almost hit the 40% mark (200 quests) in completed side-quests. I had cleared out the elven region almost entirely, along with a large chunk of the human region, and had moved to the orcish region.

Then, the shitty part happened. I was making my way along, and had completed a quest. The game auto-saves after every completed quest. During this particular auto-save, the system locked up. There was nothing I could do, not even resetting the system had an effect. So I did the next best thing, and unplugged. When I loaded everything back up and started the game, the system couldn’t read my save file, as it had become corrupt. So, in effect I now have no progress in the game.

I wasn’t even halfway done with the game, but it took me about 25 hours to get to that point, so getting back to it is going to take an equal amount of time, and that’s if I do everything exactly how I just did it. There is the option to play a “light” campaign (as opposed to the “shadow” campaign I was playing), but that doesn’t really change the story all that much. I could skip over a majority of the side quests that I had already completed, and I’m sure I could probably get back to the same area of the game, but I would definitely be less powerful. After having leveled one class that far, I think I will probably level something different this time around, but it’s one of those things where I just lost my steam, and I may take a break from playing it at all for a while. I’m not entirely sure, but I know that this sucks.