2010: A Year In Review

I’ve done these once or twice before in the past, and I decided to do another post like it this year. It’s been a long arduous year, but re-writing my goings-on helps me to reflect on what I did right, and didn’t. It’s also a convenient way for you, dear reader, to get a year’s worth of info in one handy place. Of course, we are just discussing my life, so it’s not overly glamorous or anything, but finding interest in the mundane is something most people can do. So without further nonsense, here is a year of my life in one post:


In January I had grown tired of the hubbub at AutoZone. I was essentially promised a promotion to assistant store manager, and then my boss dragged his feet, and nothing really happened. As soon as I mentioned that I would be leaving, then he magically started working actively on getting me promoted. In my eyes, it was too little too late. In hindsight, it may have been more advantageous to have stuck it out, but I was really sick of the commute, the shitty pay, and the politics. I ended up going back to work for Soboba Casino, and for the time being I had been enjoying it. I was still living with Ted in a really dumpy house that I despised, but my lease was about up, and I was planning on moving in with my girlfriend Hollee, into her apartment. I also got my tax return rather early in the year, and decided to make a large purchase, on my Playstation 3. By far the best thing I purchased all year. I was also still in my band, and after a period of being rather stagnant, we got our old guitarist back and started performing again.


February was a relatively un-eventful month for me. When I started back at the casino I was on a training schedule, so they put me on day shift. Part way through this month I got switched to what would be my semi-permanent shift (graveyard), and eventually the cause of much grief. But that wouldn’t be until later. At the time, I dutifully performed my job and dealt with personal shit that stemmed from it on my own time. I hadn’t touched an MMO for quite a while, and my new co-worker had talked me into giving WoW a serious try. I buckled, and ended up buying a copy of the game, and surprisingly I enjoyed it quite a bit despite having bashed it repeatedly over the years.


The only real change in March was that I moved out of the shitty ass house I lived with Ted in, and into Hollee’s apartment. Her previous roommate had moved out, and her son took over that room, and she had been struggling to pay for everything on her own. I helped out with other things, but couldn’t really afford to help with her bills on top of my own. So I got settled in right before the beginning of April, and life was good. I was still playing WoW at this point, along with various PS3 games. I also had an epiphany that I was no longer able to throw a good party. Our guitarist’s birthday was towards the end of the month (right before I moved), and we invited a shit-ton of people to attend. We had a bunch of beer, food to go around, and the band played, yet aside from girlfriends and wives, only 5 or 6 people showed. It was ok though, I have since gotten to the point that I don’t really care for the party scene anymore.


A day after I moved into the apartment with Hollee, my 6-year-old desktop computer decided to take a shit on me. So I did the logical thing, and went out and bought a new one. I decided to go with a laptop because lugging around a big ass desktop all these years was a pain, and I knew that the only PC game I was playing was WoW, and it runs on damn near everything. It’s damn near paid off now, and good riddance to that payment. Aside from that one big purchase, I ended up picking up a copy of WotLK, and was still playing WoW pretty regularly. I ended up taking a trip to the E.R. because of an infection that came about after getting a tattoo. Thankfully the tattoo itself wasn’t ruined. I also hit a little personal milestone on this blog, my 500th post.


May was MMO month for me. My PS3 started collecting dust. My long time friend Jason worked on the shitty graveyard shift with me at the casino, and we began swapping MMO stories. Partly reminiscing on old EQ2 days, and partly talking about our current exploits; my WoW travels and his current EQ2 tales. I caught wind through him that my sister and her boyfriend (now husband) started playing EQ2. When I asked her about it, she excitedly told me of their adventures. I was instantly reminded of all the good times I had with the game, and it had been a good long time since I played, what could be the harm in going back, if only for a little while? Knowing that Jason and his girlfriend still played, along with my Dad, and now two other relatives were starting up made it almost impossible to resist. I cancelled WoW. I resubbed to EQ2. I was back in the swing of it for the whole month.


My adventures in EQ2 land continued thru June. Unfortunately my memory isn’t as good as it used to be, so if I don’t notate anything minor in my life on this blog, it gets forgotten. I didn’t post anything this month that wasn’t EQ2 related, so all I really know is that I hit the level cap on one character, and had accomplished quite a bit in the process. I know that I was guilded and we did a bunch of things as a group. I also know that it was around this time that playing MMOs was starting to grate on Hollee’s nerves, mainly because my play time went from only playing when she wasn’t around, to playing even when she was.


Over the course of these two months, I only made one post, right at the beginning of July. At that point I had recently cancelled my EQ2 account, and was MMO-less again. Due to the urging of my neighbor Keith, I ended up picking up a copy of Uncharted 2, and my console gaming began again. This period of time was the worst part of my entire year, which is partly to blame for my lack of posts. At the end of July I lost my job at the casino, and I’m not going to go into detail again. My relationship with Hollee was beginning to go down the tubes. In early August, I got kicked or voted out of my band. I never really got a good explanation for the reasoning, still really haven’t. Towards the end of August, my relationship with my girl fell apart. I was denied unemployment and she was feeling the strain, and some other underlying issues came up. I made arrangements to move back into my parents. This is one part of the year I really don’t want to relive, so apologies if it’s brief. The only other major event was my Sister got married in August.


In the beginning of September I moved back in with my Mom. I hadn’t worked in over a month, and I hadn’t paid any bills either. I was starting to stress out about my car, because without making any payments it was almost definitely going to be repossessed barring a miracle. Luckily I got to work a weekend with Keith and his Dad up in Idyllwild on an under the table construction job, and I made enough money to pay a couple personal bills. My phone stayed on and I got to keep my computer for another month. Depression hadn’t really set in yet, despite my situation, and because of being friends with Keith, who is Hollee’s neighbor, I ended up seeing her quite a bit, whether I wanted to or not. We remained amicable up until this point. The only other thing of note is I finally bit the bullet and hopped on the bandwagon; I joined Facebook.


In October I worked a bit more on the same construction job that I mentioned previously. Unfortunately it didn’t last as long as I would have hoped. The work sucked, but I was getting back into shape, and that’s always a plus. I ended up participating for two weeks straight, but then it abruptly stopped, they no longer needed my help. Keith’s wife got diagnosed with Diabetes that month, and she was in the hospital for a week, and that’s partially why I ended up working in the first place. I was appreciative of the opportunity, and the cashflow, but it was an unfortunate turnout. After the work ran out, I went back to job hunting, but still wasn’t having any luck. Aside from that, I had made peace with Ted and we were back to hanging out semi-regularly.


In November I was toying with the idea of moving. I had a couple of options, one that has always been open (moving to my Dad’s) and one that had recently come up (moving out-of-state). I have since nixed either idea, but at the time I was seriously contemplating it. There was a point when I thought me and Hollee were going to get back together. We never really stopped talking but I would go as long as possible trying to avoid her until she would call me and say, “hey, come over and have dinner and drink some beers with me”. I’d be there right away, typically. When I finally brought up the conversation, it seemed that I had sort of read into things a bit too much, and we didn’t get back together. I spent most of the month away from my Mom’s house nonetheless. I spent nights at Hollee’s or Keith’s or my Sister’s house. I started “bonding” with my Sister’s husband. We played my PS3 quite a bit, and he convinced me to try out LOTRO, as it had gone free to play and he was talking it up. I ended up remembering that I had a copy of the game, and still had a free month to use, so I bit. I also turned 28, and with all of the negative shit that had recently occurred, I felt a little “behind the curve”.


This month was mainly spent taking my Step-Dad to doctor’s appointments. He spent a little time in the hospital in November and as a result had a bunch of other check ups, along with his normal appointments. As a result I picked up reading a book that I hadn’t touched in years. A renewed interest in reading resulted, but most of what I read was online. I particularly got interested in debates between religious people and Atheists, but also touched on some interesting stuff about WikiLeaks, some protesting shit, and Scientology. Aside from that, I played games and applied for jobs. Did the xmas thing, and everything else lead up to this post. Scroll down and you can get caught up.

In review, 2010 had some memorable moments, but one of the lowest points of my life. I am encouraged by recent events, and I think that after the new year, my luck is going to turn around. I had one more post planned for tonight, but I unfortunately took far too long compiling this one, and it’s getting late. I will return tomorrow with my “predictions for 2011” post.

Things Are Looking Up

One quick note before I begin: Is anyone that is using Google Chrome having issues with WordPress? The past few times I have begun typing up a post, in mid-sentence the page seems to lock up, and the field where you enter your text becomes unresponsive. I’m curious if it’s something to do with the browser or something to do with the site. It happened again as I was typing this post, and it’s a little frustrating especially because the draft is only saved every few minutes. If you type as quickly as I do, you can lose large chunks of text between saves, if it decides to crash. Hoping it isn’t just me. *

In my as-of-late-typical-style, another bullet post with some updates on my life:

  • Christmas was pretty good this year, I made out fairly well. I ended up with a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3. I also ended up with a $20 PSN card, with which I purchased a copy of Dead Nation, which is an awesome zombie shoot-em-up. It is very similar to the “Dead Ops Arcade” mode in Black Ops, albeit a bit more fleshed-out. There’s even a bit of character customization. So if you enjoy the mini-game, you will most definitely enjoy a more in-depth version. There were other assorted odds n ends to be had, but those are those most noteworthy.
  • I’ve had plenty to do gaming-wise, besides the new titles I just mentioned, Uncharted 2’s 4x cash for the end of the year has kept me coming back for more. Unfortunately having new games means I don’t necessarily want to play it as much as I would normally, but it’s still been a draw. Currently I am level 57, and am hoping to hit at least 60 before the event is over. Now that I’m running dual negative boosters, the cash is coming in a lot faster than it used to. Once I hit level 58 it should increase a bit more, because of a new negative that will be available to me. Luckily I have until November of next year before Uncharted 3 is released, so I shouldn’t have a problem maxing out before then. Because really, if I was maxed out already I probably wouldn’t really have a reason to play the game anymore.
  • I thought a couple of weeks ago that my Green Bay Packers were on the brink of a losing season, with no playoff hopes. The whole season we have been riddled by injuries to key players, and things were still looking ok, because our player depth is pretty amazing. But after some key losses, it was clear we wouldn’t be winning our division. We still looked good for a playoff spot, until a couple other losses made it seem almost impossible. That changed today. We needed this win. We throughly destroyed the Giants, 45-17, and as such made a tie-breaker so that if it came down to it, we would go to the playoffs and they would not. We aren’t in the clear though, we still have our final regular season game, and it’s going to be a must-win. In a divisional game against the Bears, in the final week of the season, we have our destiny in our own hands. With a win we will advance to 10-6, a game behind our record last season, but still break into the post-season. And that’s what I’m hoping for. With the team we have, we are a major threat in the playoffs, and could very well take it all the way to the NFC title game, and even the Superbowl. I think we can do it, and I think it’s going to be a great year to be a Packer fan.
  • My last bit of news is the happiest. Me and Hollee are officially back together. I haven’t really gone into detail here about what occurred when we broke up, what has happened since, or how we came to be back together. I’m not going to go into excruciating detail, but we never really stopped talking, and yes it was pretty pointless for us to have split in the first place. But from my understanding of humans, and relationships, sometimes people need time to take a step back and think things through. I would sound cocky if I said that I kind of knew that it would come back to this, and you know what fuck it I will be cocky. I knew it would happen eventually, and that’s partially why I never really tried to move on or get past it. She is the one for me, and I knew if I stuck it out and suffered through it, that I would get what I deserve. So I’m happy. Now I just need a job and things will sort themselves out.

I have a couple other posts I’m working on right now, this was just the current event one. Stay tuned for a year-in-review post, and a 2011 predictions post.

* I started typing this up in Internet Explorer after WordPress crashed 3 or 4 times. I haven’t had an issue since. Apparently there’s some sort of conflict between Wordpress and Chrome. You have been warned.