On Ear Tuning

Yesterday I posted about my life’s musical journey, and at one point I said:

“…and he is relatively easy to understand without major “ear tuning” (more on this later).”

I had some thoughts that I wanted to write down on this subject, because it’s something I believe to be true, mainly from personal experience. However, doing a quick Google search turned up some articles that basically said mostly all that I wanted to say, although I will add that the same applies to other genres outside of metal. My ear tuning began when I was young and adjusting to the quick delivery of rap lyrics, and developed further when working with metal. That said, on to the further reading:

How to Appreciate Metal Music
How To Understand Screams in Music
How to Appreciate Death Metal

I do realize that all 3 articles come from the same web site, and none of this is official or scientific, but many of the points I was trying to make are present. I believe that anyone can eventually tune their ears to appreciate nearly anything. Except maybe country music.