67 Champs

I just purchased my 67th champion in League of Legends, the lucky selection was LeBlanc. I have played her a few times when she was free, and had mild success. She’s one of the trickier champions, but when used effectively she is definitely able to burst down opponents. I have recently decided rather than being as selective with my champion purchases, I am just buying up everything from the lower tiers. I want as many options as possible to randomly roll. I am still very much stuck on ARAM, and that fueled this decision. I have 5 champs left in the 3150 IP tier, and own all from below this tier. Of course I own champs from the higher tiers as well, but I’m just going to try to “catch em all.” Here’s the list, thus far:

  1. Akali
  2. Alistar*
  3. Amumu
  4. Annie
  5. Ashe
  6. Blitzcrank
  7. Caitlyn
  8. Cho’Gath
  9. Corki
  10. Darius
  11. Dr. Mundo
  12. Elise
  13. Evelynn
  14. Ezreal
  15. Fiddlesticks
  16. Fiora
  17. Gangplank
  18. Garen
  19. Gragas
  20. Graves
  21. Heimerdinger
  22. Janna
  23. Jax
  24. Jayce
  25. Karma*
  26. Karthus
  27. Kassadin
  28. Kayle*
  29. Kha’Zix
  30. LeBlanc
  31. Lee Sin
  32. Lux
  33. Malphite
  34. Master Yi
  35. Miss Fortune
  36. Morgana
  37. Nasus
  38. Nautilus
  39. Nidalee
  40. Nocturne*
  41. Nunu
  42. Olaf*
  43. Pantheon*
  44. Poppy
  45. Rengar
  46. Ryze
  47. Shaco*
  48. Shen*
  49. Singed
  50. Sion
  51. Sivir
  52. Sona
  53. Soraka
  54. Taric
  55. Teemo*
  56. Tristana*
  57. Trundle*
  58. Tryndamere
  59. Twisted Fate
  60. Twitch*
  61. Udyr
  62. Urgot
  63. Veigar
  64. Warwick
  65. Xin Zhao*
  66. Ziggs
  67. Zilean*

So out of 113 champs I’m at 67, which means I still have a long ways to go. Out of the 67 champions owned, I own skins for 14 of them (donated by the *), but those are only purchased with real money, so I haven’t invested as much as I might have liked into the game. But for being free to play, I don’t ever feel like I’m being pushed to buy anything, or gouged when I do. Most champs I bought with the earned currency, and that continues to be a motivator to play one more game, especially when your first win of the day is available. Next post I’ll be discussing rune and mastery setups that I recommend for ARAM, to cover all the bases. Until then.