Is it just me?

Or is anyone else excited that League of Legends has opened up “Latin America” servers? Before you ask, no I don’t speak Spanish, so no, I’m not planning on transferring. What excites me is the fact that (hopefully) many of the non-English speaking players will transfer to these servers, and we won’t have the huge communication barrier anymore. There have been far too many times that I played with Spanish-speaking players, and aside from pinging or general abbreviations, we couldn’t communicate effectively. This has cost me wins, as communication is very important in team games.

Of course this probably comes across as racist and politically incorrect, but I don’t give a shit. A game that’s developed in the US (here in California actually) is obviously going to be mostly populated by English-speaking players. A game like League that has spread in popularity around the world is going to have other language servers, and it’s about time that North America be split to reflect these differences. This is actually the first game that I have played that I’ve been affected by a language barrier, and I’m glad to see Riot is taking steps to help get rid of it.

Just a quick observation. Thoughts?