XBox 180

The console wars took another turn today, as Microsoft did a complete 180 on their DRM and online check in policies. Good news for gamers who favor the Xbox over the Playstation console, and really no news at all for PC gamers. Its obvious why Microsoft would do so, as they were completely demolished by the PS4 at E3, and though people like me who never liked Xbox in the first place are unaffected, I still think that this is a good move on Microsoft’s part. Listening to your fanbase is definitely paramount in the industry; alienated fans will flock to your competition. I’m curious to see how much this affects there sales. In the comments on the above linked article, many people seem to have made up their mind to purchase an XBone because of these changes, I think if I was an Xbox fan, I wouldn’t trust Microsoft at all. It seems to me that the DRM issues, the online check-in, the used game issues, and the always-on Kinect would be part of the system architecture, meaning they are either having to completely re-do things, or they just simply turned these features “off”. If the latter is the case, then what’s to stop them from turning it right back on in the future? I guess time will tell.

Again, this doesn’t affect me one way or the other, but it’s interesting to keep track of the developments. I’m still on the Sony side, this won’t be changing any time soon.