Plus > Live

Playstation Plus’s Instant Game Collection (IGC) celebrated a year anniversary this week. This graphic tells an amazing story:


In a year there’s been a total of 64 (mostly complete) games for Playstation 3 and PS Vita. I still really want to get a Vita, as I already have quite a collection of games for it. All of this for $50. Compare to the Xbox Live subscription service. Apparently Microsoft recently added free games to their required-for-multi-player service, but at two games per month, we’re talking a measly 24 games for roughly the same price. Even with the Playstation 4 requiring Plus for multiplayer like the current gen Xbox does, they still make it much more worth your while. I’m already sold on it, having been a member for more than a year now, so when I make the system jump I’m already prepared for the expenditure.

In the past year there have been games I loved, games I didn’t care for, and untried games for the vita that I have downloaded. I seriously have to juggle space on my 160 GB hard drive to try new games, but there’s always a new experience waiting to be had. It’s especially great when you have a down month and don’t have funds to buy new games, I don’t feel like I ever run out of things to do. I’m not aiming to convert anyone, but this is a serious deal.