Card Hunter Beta Keys

Card Hunter is a game in closed beta, one in which I managed to get into. I tried the game and enjoyed it, though I didn’t play long enough to really give a formal review. What I can tell you is that it plays like a D&D board game, with CGC (collectible card game [read: Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, etc.]) elements. Battles are played against varied opponents with a utilizing a grid-based, turn-based system where  you move your characters, attack, defend, use spells and what have you. The weapons/spells/movement is all done using cards that you draw from a deck. The random elements make for some interesting strategies. It’s a game I would recommend checking out, though I still need to spend more time with it to give a full impression. You can check out the official site here.

The point of this post though was less about the game, and more about the fact that I received an email with some beta keys to give away. So, if you are interested in giving the game a shot, send me an email, or comment below with your contact info and I’ll throw a key your way. I don’t have too many, so this is first come first serve. Cheers.

9 thoughts on “Card Hunter Beta Keys

    • Key sent. To everyone else, that was the last key I had to give out. Sorry if you didn’t get in, but you can apply for the beta on the website. Good luck and have fun.


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