End of Season Rewards

If you play League of Legends, there’s one thing you should know. If you don’t ever plan to play ranked matches, you will lack some of the cool rewards that Riot has implemented. I first started playing LoL during Season 1, although I don’t believe I reached level 30 until Season 2. And even then, I didn’t play any ranked. I also took a six month break from League altogether; right around the off season between season 2 and 3 I returned. So I missed out on any of these rewards that may have been implemented in the past, such as particular Summoner Icons and frames and just little touches that I happen to enjoy, but never received. I’m still of the opinion that some of these sorts of customization options should be more present in the store, but I won’t go into that again. This season, I have actually participated in some ranked matches. I said at the beginning of the season I would play more ranked than anything, and then ARAM happened. Seriously. It happened all the time. While playing my preliminary 10 matches, I thought to myself “yeah, I’m going to start off in silver. Maybe I’ll hit gold this year.” Instead, I was placed in Bronze III, which I felt was a bit low. It must have been, because a few wins later I was in Bronze I. However, with how little I’ve actually played ranked, I am still in this tier.

Before you misunderstand, the season isn’t quite over. There’s still roughly three months to go. Does this give me the motivation to play ranked? No, mainly because I don’t want to play unless I can duo queue. I need to have at least one of my friends that can help me carry the worst of teams, and help support the better ones. I’d really prefer to get a ranked team going, but all of my in-game friends vary in skill levels and have varying schedules. But I’m getting off my point. The point of this post, is that the ranked rewards have been announced by Riot, and thankfully I already qualify for a little something. This does make me want to play more ranked, and try to at least hit silver before the season ends. I have plenty of time to do that. Here’s a little more detail on what you’ll get for participation:

Tier Rewards

(Based on the tier you’re in at the end of Season 3)

Bronze or higher: Season 3 Summoner Icon
You’ll earn a Summoner Icon that displays your accomplishments. There is a different icon for each tier.

Silver or higher: Profile banner trim, Loading screen border, and Victorious Ward Skin
From your profile banner to your loading screen, reach Silver or higher to earn the corresponding trim. Each tier has a different colored trim. At Silver tier, you’ll also pick up a new permanent Victorious Ward skin to light up the jungle your way.

Gold or higher: Season 3 medal for Buddy and Team invitations and Victorious Champion Skin
Should you climb to the highest ranks of competitive play, you’ll greet new friends and teammates with a personalized invitation badge that shows off your success in shiny style. You’ll also earn the permanent Victorious Ward skin and a unique Victorious skin.

So as of right now I’d get a new Summoner’s Icon if I don’t play another game. I assume it will be similar to the Champion Cup emblazoned with II that I’ve seen around, but with III instead and Bronze in color. Perhaps I will be mistaken. I really like the upgrade when getting to silver though, as I have had the plain borders throughout the game for so long I’m sick of it. Ward skins are a cool idea too, I used them during the holiday last year, but they only were available for so long. I hope that this ward skin is permanent. The higher tiers get more cool stuff, including a skin (which I read elsewhere is for Elise), but I don’t think I’ll be getting that far along. My goal for next year will be to hit Gold or Platinum. I’m going pro in 2016 😛