Sorry for the lack of posts this month, I had been doing pretty good with a couple of posts a week, but I have just been busy I guess. Between work and school, the last episodes of Breaking Bad, the new episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and clearing out my backlog of PS3 games, I just haven’t had as much time. I do still have a post in the works regarding those backlogged games, but that won’t be going up today.

This post is mainly about the new champion teaser for LoL, but first, I have some more screenshots of recent games I’ve played that I’d like to show off. Remember a few posts back when I had the Nami game where I had 56 assists? Well I almost matched it here:


56 is still the record, however I managed 55 in this game, along with quite a few more kills, and only a couple more deaths. Lux is a little more geared to damage dealing than Nami, so these totals are more in line with her kit. This game was solo queue, lasted nearly 30 minutes, and as you can see, I was the only one on my team that wasn’t feeding. Still, it was good fun and I loved hearing “wait for lux” the few times that I did die. It’s great to know you’re carrying your team.  Speaking of carrying:


This game happened last night. I was in a full group, one of which is my brother-in-law (fiddlesticks). The difference not having random players in your group is huge. This is officially the quickest ARAM I’ve participated in, clocking just over 12 minutes. They usually don’t go this fast, 20+ minutes is more of an average. Despite the quick game, I still managed the most gold, creep score, kills, and I wasn’t too far behind on assists either, and tied for least amount of deaths. I have always played a mean ADC, but this was just ridiculous. And fun 😛

Finally, on to the champion teaser:

The name’s Vi. I’m an enforcer. And this is my town – Piltover. They call this place the City of Progress – or they did until she showed up.

Her name is Jinx. That’s what they call her, anyway. No one knows who she is, or where she came from. This scrawny pain in the neck shows up one day, firing heavy guns in the air. And laughing – always with the laugh. I can’t stand her.

Everything changed the day she arrived in town. They might as well call it the City of Crime. Panic among the people. Chaos in the streets. Mayhem everywhere you look.

The worst part is: none of it makes any sense. Ask her why she’s doing it, and she’ll give you a million different reasons. But the only one that matters is:

She’s having fun.

Piltover is just a plaything to her. She’s enjoying the time of her life, and she doesn’t care who gets hurt.

Well, I’m here to shut down the party.

It doesn’t matter what she wants. I don’t care what her sob story is. I’m gonna put her away for a long, long time. And right before I do, I promise you: I’m gonna wipe that stupid grin off her face.


Ok, so is it just me, or does this character sound a whole lot like Harley Quinn from the Batman franchise? Maybe you won’t get that impression from only the text, so here is the picture that also lends to the idea that this champion is “inspired” by Batman:


The hair, the makeup, the cooky weapon designs. Yeah. It’s all screaming Batman, to me. I can’t imagine another ADC coming in right after Lucian, and as the lore is related to Vi, I’m guessing we’re looking at a bruiser type, though guns are ranged, so perhaps another Urgot? I would love another ranged bruiser, as Urgot is the only one that exists today. More on this as the story develops.

Finally, I have been watching Worlds. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, educate yourself. I didn’t catch all the action of the group stage, but I did manage to catch some of it (I believe it was two out of the six days). It was unfortunate to see two of the American teams eliminated at that point, and in the quarterfinals over the last two days, the final NA team was also eliminated. Last night, a Korean (SKT) and a Chinese (RYL) team advanced, both of which won two in a row to eliminated the other teams in best 2 out of 3s. The Semi-finals are coming, and we’re down to four teams. As much as I wanted to root for an NA team, I guess the next best thing is to root for Fnatic. It’s exciting to watch no matter what, and much can be learned from watching the streams. If you want to improve your game, I’d recommend watching the best players in the world while they’re still competing.