Get Excited!

I’m actually really looking forward to playing Jinx. She seems much more up my alley than Lucian or Quinn were. She has some abilities that are very similar to Ezreal (her ultimate) and Caitlyn (her poke/traps), and then some of her own flair. She seems less gimicky than recent marksmen, and more dedicated to straight up chaos. I still can’t get over the Harley Quinn inspiration. I’m almost willing to bet that if you ask the lead designer that they would admit to the inspiration. I made this statement before, but if you had doubts, just watch this music video:

If you don’t seem the similarities now, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s pretty blatant. This is the steampunk Harley Quinn. The song is pretty catchy too, though isn’t really my style of music. I want a punk rock Twitch music video. Do it, Riot.

Today the Champion Spotlight for Jinx was posted, though I’m not sure if that means that she’s made her way into the game yet or not. I haven’t played any today, so you’ll have to find out for yourself. But if you want to see her in action in-game, here’s the video:

She looks like fun, no?