Week 6 Preview

Last week the Green Bay Packers faced a division rival, and though the final score doesn’t attest to how ugly of a game it was, it was trying. We still managed to pull ahead and secure a 2-2 record, but this week presents another challenge: The Baltimore Ravens. As in, the defending Super Bowl champions. We have been in that position before, and there is a lot of scrutiny that goes with it. This year the Ravens are a little bit different than last year. They have most of the same players, but the lack of Ray Lewis on defense surely makes a difference, and according to the following image, that still hasn’t made much of a difference in terms of the series. Before I comment more, here’s the infographic:

Click for a larger version


As long as these infographics keep popping up, I’m going to keep posting them. Not only do they give you stats about the two opponents, but they’re just cool. So as I was saying the Ravens are a little different this year, but they have been successfully going to the playoffs for years now, and won it all last year, so they are definitely not to be taken lightly. Topping it off Matthews is supposed to be out because of a broken thumb, so our backup pass rushers will need to perform. I think that we can take this game, and I will be happy to be at 3-2 and finally over .500 on the year.