PBE Plus


Following the announcement of the Harrowing event skins, I stumbled upon some PBE info via LeagueCraft concerning Summoner’s Icons. I have talked about Icons before, and how there should be more of them available for purchase, rather than them being tied to special events or ranking. Though I think it’s cool to have to earn them during the special events (holidays, when ARAM released, etc.) or doing so well in ranked matches, I think there should be options. As it stands, there are some generic ones available to begin with, there have been ones available though the aformentioned avenues, there were pro team ones for sale, and temporary ones during Worlds. If you miss events or don’t play ranked, nor want to buy ones affiliated with teams, you are SOL. The following icons are going to be affiliated with the Harrowing, IF they even make it to the live servers. It’s something I can enjoy, but then I feel as if they need to just add that option to the store and have some available at all times. Anyway, /rant off.

We wanted to test some new functionality on the PBE for some icons. Each icon will be earned based of certain criteria.

Earn ghost guy icon by purchasing a “mystery” gift for a friend!

Earn vilemaw icon by playing a game of Twisted Treeline!

Earn statue icon by equipping a new ward skin!

Earn ghost girl icon by buying any of the new harrowing content! (see below)

Earn the book icon by earning the other four!


These icons are in the vein of the default icons. I can see the Halloween influence, yet they are ambiguous enough to be used year round. If they do make make it to the live servers, vilemaw and statue icon are the only two I see myself earning (I already purchased a ward skin, but they may be talking about temporary holiday skins; either way it’s doable).


I don’t recall if I mentioned it or not, but this month’s Playstation Plus offerings weren’t all that great for me. I already owned (and traded) Kingdoms of Amalur, own Shadow of the Colossus, and didn’t know anything about the poker game or this week’s game. I didn’t even bother with Poker Night 2, and probably won’t. There have been a few free games I skipped entirely, though it’s been rare. Tomorrow’s update brings a new-ish indie game called “Hotline Miami.” I really didn’t look into the game at the beginning of the month, but after looking at some video, I think it looks pretty cool. Reminds me of the old top-down GTA games, minus the cars. Here’s a glowing review I pulled up on YouTube:

Also kicking off tomorrow is PSN’s “Sale of the Dead”, which includes a huge number of games that are discounted considerably, especially if you’re a plus member. The one that sticks out the most for me is Dead Island GOTY for $5. I wanted to get into that game but didn’t buy it on release, then I heard too many negative things about the game play and bugs so I wrote it off. I spoke to a friend who owned the game and found out that later patches fixed it up, and heard positive things about the sequel which is also going to be on sale ($19.99). I own most of the other games that I’d be interested in until later on in the month. I need Dead Space 3 ($19.59) and Bioshock ($5) to round out those collections (though I still would need Bioshock Infinite as well), and both Devil May Cry ($13.99) and The Darkness II ($15.99) interest me. Money isn’t exactly growing on trees though, so I might not buy anything at all. Just thought I’d share my wishlist so I don’t have to cry alone 😛