November Plus

Though my order confirmation on Amazon said that the power adapter for my laptop would be delivered on the 5th, it arrived today. A pleasant surprise. Despite only being without the computer for a few days, it feels like I missed out on a bunch of news.  So my first order of business is this month’s Playstation Plus preview.

As we all know by now, the Playstation 4’s release date is November 15th (the day after my birthday). I was psyched for the new system back when E3 was going on and Sony pulled off a very-talked-about victory in the next-gen console wars. My enthusiasm has wavered since then, only because at launch, there really isn’t anything coming out that I can’t live without. Sony has said that they are going to support the PS3 for quite some time (probably until this time next year if I had to guess) so I know that I’ll still have games to look forward to that will most likely transfer over to the new system when I get one. I can’t imagine Sony going further with the whole separate games on separate systems policy, as many games are starting to be released as cross-buy with the PSVita, which is supposed to have even more support once the PS4 gets going. I’m also holding off on the new system until it is revealed whether or not our existing accounts and digital libraries will transfer over. I’ve stopped buying disc-based games because it has already been said that those will not operate on a PS4. However, some sort of system should be implemented to allow us digital copies of disc-based games on the new system. The streaming software is supposed to allow for all games from all past Sony platforms to be played on the PS4, but how long will it take before our libraries are completely tranferred to the system? Time will tell if we are getting to keep our collections or buy them all over again. I for one, am sick of paying for 3 or 4 copies of a game that I paid for years ago.

With that said, my point was that some of the launch titles for the PS4 have been delayed, and that has also changed the initial Plus offering for the PS4. DriveClub was supposed to be the first free game for the system, and that has since been changed Resogun and Contrast, both of which appear to be indie games, though I don’t know anything about them. I’m sure they’ll be cool and I’ll attempt to add them to my download list for when I do get a PS4. My Vita library is already huge and I don’t even own one, so maybe I can get the same thing going on another system I have yet to purchase.

For PS3, the offerings are Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Ibb & Obb, and Binary Domain. Dragon’s Dogma is the AAA title here, and from what I have read/seen, it seems pretty cool. I’m all about action-RPGs, and this game seems to combine elements from quite a few other PS3 RPGs that I already know and love. Ibb & Obb is another indie game in a long string of indie games that I don’t bother to try until they are free. It doesn’t seem like a game I really want to play, but as I have done with the others, I will try it and perhaps I will be surprised. Finally, Binary Domain is a game that I can’t really comment on. I remember the name being tossed around, but never played it, nor talked to anyone who has. I will give it a whirl and have more on that. For the Vita, there’s Soul Sacrifice and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. The former is a game I’ve heard nothing but good things about, and the latter seems to be a more interesting game for the Oddworld universe, as I had played the first two games on PSOne, and neither really hooked me. I just didn’t get it. I actually wish these games were for PS3 rather than VIta, as I’d like to give them a whirl.

As Dragon’s Dogma is my most-looked-forward-to out of the bunch, I did some digging around and found a video that gives a good look at the action. Apparently Dark Arisen is a sort of Game of the year edition minus the moniker, so this is going to be a better version than what originally released (similar to the Dead Island GOTY that was on sale, complete with patched improvements). Here’s the gameplay:

Out of last month’s plus offering, I played and beat Hotline Miami, and it was fantastic. I had a lot of fun with that one, and it wasn’t too difficult to do in a few sittings. Mastering the game will take a while, but for now I’m satisfied with having completed it. Kingdom’s of Amalur is still on my to-do list, having gotten it back on Plus was nice as I had paid for the two DLCs but never played them. I skipped Poker Night 2, it’s one of the few free games I didn’t even add to my download list. Who wants to play Poker at all, let alone a video game version? Shadow of the Colossus is also still on my hard drive waiting to be finished, but I own that one outright, so there’s always time. Out of all the sales that were going on, I only picked up Dead Island for $5, because for one, how can you go wrong for $5? For two, it just screamed out to me, being a Skyrim-meets-Borderlands-with-zombies game. At this point I’m pretty far into Act II, so it shouldn’t take much more time to complete… unless I get my hands on Dragon’s Dogma and forget about it for a while. My commitment issues are showing up more and more these days ;P