Call of Copy

Via Joystiq:

This is precisely the reason why I stopped playing the Call of Duty series. My relationship with first person shooters has gone back to the early days of Doom and Quake, but Half-Life really brought the FPS competitive scene to where it is today. More specifically, the mods for Half-Life — Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat (among others) were the games that had me chomping at the bit to commit mass murder. The Call of Duty series started out a long time ago, and I had played damn near every installation of the series up until Modern Warfare 3. I then boycotted the IP, and haven’t played one since. Yet here it still stands at the top of the pack, year after year, when it’s obviously copying itself, and not really improving anything. The same multiplayer system with minor tweaks and different guns, a slightly different military story with slightly different graphics, and the occasional additional mode doesn’t make for a good game. Reviews I have read are calling the game dull and not much of an upgrade from its predecessors. I feel that I made that distinction years ago. The last installment I really enjoyed was Black Ops, but that was my first experience with the Zombies game mode, which was addictive and fun. But even that got old and predictable, and from what I’ve heard Black Ops 2 actually ruined the mode. Before that you’d have to go back to Call of Duty 2, that was World War II based and had so many different maps it was ridiculous, but this was on the PC, and people made their own custom maps, something you still can’t do in any FPS games on consoles.

Really, I don’t understand why people pay $60 a year to be a part of this infinite repeat. We’re talking $60 for just the base game, you can pay much more for “Hardened” or whatever-name-they-use special editions. We’re also not taking into account the Season Pass, or individual DLC packs. We’re talking MMO money here, but you’re not getting expansions, you’re getting a couple maps where you play the same damn game. Call of Duty should be a subscription based game, or free to play, and you pay for extra maps only, or pay to unlock things, with the in-game currencies earned by playing the game. It just feels like being a member of that club requires getting bent over, and I’m not into that. Perhaps you are, and by all means don’t mind me. I’ll just count my money over here and spend it on some variety.