Season 3 Results

When League of Legends’  third competitive season kicked off, I said that I wanted to play Ranked games, and that I would try and get into the Silver tier at least. I don’t recall if I actually wrote that down, but I know that I told people I play the game with, and mostly, I told myself. I knew that I played at a decent enough level, because people that are my friends in game are in the Bronze-Gold range, and I was able to keep up with them when playing normals. I also just had faith that I could get out of what most would consider the “ELO-Hell” tier — Bronze. When I set the goal, I had plenty of time to go, and didn’t really even start playing Ranked games until after ARAM released. But here we are, three days before Season 3 officially ends, and I reached my goal. Last night I reached Silver, Division V. I never played any ranked in the previous two seasons, and as such I feel this is a step in the right direction. Here’s how it all went down:

This season the Ranking system was overhauled, and the new tiers added. The requirement to play ten games so that the MMR system could determine your position in the ladder was something that I did sporadically. I don’t recall what champions I played or how the games went specifically, but I know that I finished those ten games with a record of 4/6 — it didn’t go as well as expected. I have friends on my list that must have won more in their first ten games, as they ended up in Silver straight away. I was placed in Bronze, Division III.

I did hit my stride for a while, where I managed to win enough games to get into a best of three promotional series. In the series, I went 2/0 and was promoted straight into Bronze, Division I. Here is where I would spend the remainder of the season, until last night. I had hot streaks. I had ups and downs. It took a while, as I didn’t played ranked games every day, nor did I always win. Sometimes I would have 92 points and then would lose them all, just to get back near 90 and lose them all again. Eventually, I entered the best of five promotional series to enter the Silver tier.

On my first attempt at the series, I ended up having early success and late failure. I won the first game, lost the second, won the third, and all I needed was one more — but lost two in a row, ending in a 2/3 mark. I played one more game after the fact, and that was enough points to send me right back into a qualifier. The second series was a disaster. I lost the first two games, and if I recall correctly, one of those was due to someone disconnecting and not coming back. The third match was a victory, but I lost the next, ending the series 1/3. I was discouraged for a while, but as the deadline neared, I really wanted to make that transition. I played quite a few games and had my point total rise and fall, before finally entering my third qualifier.


I earned my way into the series with Sona as you can see, and I decided to run with it. I used her for all of the games in this series.

Game 1:

game 1

Game 1 saw an amazing Jarvan IV in the jungle go deathless, and a top-notch Swain dominate mid; they both ganked bottom often allowing us to dominate our lane as well. Teemo countered Tryndamere in the top-lane, and team fights were over before they started. Great way to start out the series!

Game 2:

game 2


The second game I was knocked off of my high horse. After the dominating first game win I decided that I would stick with Sona in the bottom lane. Despite frequently ganking, Sejuani was unable to help anyone secure kills, including herself, and fell far behind early, but this was due in part to Jarvan IV feeding excessively in top lane. He bitched and moaned that everyone else was doing something wrong, and then completely abandoned his lane to roam and steal jungle camps. We held on as long as we could, but it was a wash.

Game 3:

game 3

Game 3 was the most interesting of the bunch, as Teemo counter picked against Shen in the top lane, and Shen was worried he would feed, but knew that he could hold off Varus and Volibear at least until we picked off the top turret. So Sivir and I swapped lanes and decimated Teemo (who also had help from Lee-Sin); quickly destroying the tower. We then swapped back to bottom lane and managed to destroy bottom tower as well. We had a push up the mid lane where we took out the inhibitor, but then had a mid-game slump where we couldn’t win a team fight, or people would get caught out. Finally, we had a good win and pushed to end it.

Game 4:

game 4

In the final game, our teams were fairly balanced, and the battle swayed back and forth. We eventually pulled ahead during team fights and pushed for the final victory, at which point I was presented with this message:



Despite having played that entire series with Sona, I did have success with other champions in my ranked journey. Here are some stats from my season:

  • overall record: 34/38
  • 47.2% win ratio
  • overall KDA: 2.5:1
  • best record/most games played: Sona (17/7)  3.7:1 KDA, 70% win ratio
  • best win percentage: Shen 80% (4/1), 4.2:1 KDA
  • 100% win rate: Corki (2) 6.3:1 KDA, Xin Zhao (2) 2.5:1 KDA
  • perfect games: Nami (5/8) 2.4:1 KDA, 0/0/11 and 0/0/7;  Shen 5/0/7
  • no wins: twitch (0/3), renekton (0/2), khazix (0/1), quinn (0/1), ziggs (0/1), ahri (0/1), caitlyn (0/1), lux (0/1), miss fortune (0/1), aatrox (0/1)

Surprisingly, champions that I have had success with in normal games or ARAMs are champs that I failed with in ranked, although we all know that teams can affect your wins and losses. In some of those winless instances I had good individual performance but couldn’t hold the team together.

And that’s my ranked story for this season. With season 4’s preseason kicking off soon, there will be new opportunities to get further along. I’m setting my goal now to reach at least Gold tier.

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