Viernes Negro

I made out like a bandit this Black Friday, and didn’t even have to leave the house. I only spent $26.43 and ended up with 7 games. There were some merchants that I’ve dealt with in the past that also had Black Friday deals, and had I a fortune to spend I would have loved to have picked up some items that weren’t gaming related. But that’s ok, this is the first time I’ve really participated in the Black Friday thing, and I’m anxious that Cyber Monday will also try to empty my wallet.

I started thinking about all of the advertisements I had seen that also had an online counterpart, and thought that I’d look into what was on offer. I was up past midnight last night, so I thought I’d try to be like the people who camp out, and “get there early.” I didn’t really see much that I was interested in, and I visited Amazon, Wal-mart and Gamestop. I know there are many other retailers out there, but those were the ones screaming at me via email. I knew there had to be more coming, so I went to bed with the intentions of checking things out again today.

This morning I looked at my phone and had new emails. Some were repeats, along with one from a band merch store. There was some good stuff there but the discounts weren’t deep enough. After sifting through them all I ended up at, who’s whopping 70% off of a large selection of games was too good to pass up. I was bummed that none of the games on my wishlist ended up on sale, but I did end up picking four games out of the selection. Strangely enough they are all strategy games, and that is something that has been missing from my gaming diet as of late. I used to be a big RTS/TBS nut, and aside from playing Civilization V a couple years ago, I haven’t played many games from the genre in too long. All four of these games also come from a time period when I didn’t have a computer in the house, or from when I just got back to having one, and started playing MMOs. Here’s the games:

Celtic Kings – Picked this mainly because I’m of Irish/Scottish decent, but also sounded interesting.
Imperial Glory – This reminds me of Civilization and the Total War games.
Praetorians – This is more like an Age of Empires clone.
Warlords Battlecry 3 – This one is supposed to mix RPG/RTS elements, and that’s intriguing. I only got the 3rd game of the series because it was the only one on sale, but if I enjoy it enough I might pick up the first two, which are both available through the service.

I then checked out the Humble Bundle Store and Steam. I’m more into the DRM-free stuff from the former (and GoG) so I avoided purchases on Steam. I’m also using a shitty laptop for gaming right now, so I can’t run half of the games that I’d want anyway. Indies and old games run just fine, and the HBS is all about Indies. Rogue Legacy was on sale at HBS (and their own home site) and was one that I was interested in when I saw it on GoG, but it wasn’t on sale there, so I purchased from HBS. All of the games I’ve mentioned thus far I have yet to play, and will be detailing them either individually or via the State of the Game column.

Next up was a stop at the Playstation Store. I had heard rumors that there was going to be a Black Friday sale on the actual store, and those were true. It wasn’t a huge selection and other retailers more games on offer, but these were all digital downloads and that has become my preference as of late. I’m not sure that the two games I picked up were part of the holiday sale, but they were on sale nonetheless. There were AAA titles that I would have liked to purchase but the discounts weren’t that great as they were featuring games that released within the last few months. The games I picked up:

God Mode – An arena based 3rd person shooter. This is more session based, in that you enter an arena and kill stuff, pick up power ups, and earn xp/gold from individual matches. You can then buy/upgrade guns and customize your character. 4-player co-op. I convinced my roommate to buy as well, and we’ve been having fun with it.
Worms Revolution – I think Worms 2 was the first in the series that I played. It was back in the 90s, but the series still feels the same. They have added classes and other bits and pieces but overall it’s easy to jump right back into. I have yet to try multiplayer but it sounds promising.

And there you have it. 7 games for under $30. As if my backlog wasn’t crowded enough. I need a 2-3 month vacation from life just to complete them all. What can I say I’m becoming a collector. How did you make out for Black Friday?