Week 15 Preview

An injury riddled season has had my Green Bay Packers “in the hunt” for playoff seeding pretty much since Aaron Rodgers was injured back in what, October? Had we won just a couple of those games, or had that pesky tie in the win column, this game probably wouldn’t matter all that much. Aside from Rodgers, pretty much every starter has been injured at some point in the season, and it has come down to winning out, and getting some help to see the playoffs. A Wildcard isn’t going to happen, too many teams are ahead of us now. We have to take our division, and being only a 1/2 game behind both Chicago and Detroit makes it doable still. The Lions do have to lose one more game though, and we have to win this Sunday, and the next two weeks after that. If Detroit was to lose just one more game, it could come down to the Week 17 matchup against Chicago that determines which of the two teams goes into the playoffs. This week we were all hoping that A-Rod would make it back into the game, but it has been announced that he is going to be out again. Flynn got things done in two of the 3 games he’s played in. The amazing comeback tie against Minnesota (that would have definitely been better as a win) and last week against the Falcons, though that was most definitely a team effort, and this isn’t the same Falcons team from years prior (though the same could be said about the Packers). That Lions game wasn’t pretty, but life goes on. Can’t win them all. But he needs to perform this week to keep us rolling. The Cowboys have the worst defense in the league (literally) and though our offense has dropped a few ranks we still have potential to exploit their weakness. I have faith we can make it to the playoffs, but we gotta go at least one more week without Rodgers.

I haven’t been avoiding football posts, but I have been waiting for a new infographic to be posted, and this is the first since week 3 or something like that. People have been lazy, I guess. Here’s the matchup.

I like our odds. The numbers look good. Let’s get it done boys!