Beating the Dead Horse

Since MMOs have been a “thing,” I have had a pattern of activity and then inactivity. It seems to be the way of the world, as most of the people I know (or blogs that I read that are written by MMO players) have experienced burn-out or periods of inactivity. Most of us started with Everquest or Wow, and most have bounced around between titles. We all have our favorite or first love (for most that was Wow), and mine was Everquest 2. There have been many times I thought about going and playing the free to play versions of EQ2, hell I’ve even thought about playing the original Everquest, but haven’t ever done so. The main reason being that the limitations were pretty strict, and I wanted to be able to access all of my stuff on my existing characters, but also because I reached that point of burn-out on several occasions. I came to a point where I said I wouldn’t ever go back. But I also had written off most MMOs in the same fashion. There have been several expansions and there is new content I would like to try out, but I keep telling myself about all of the other games sitting on my hard drive(s) that won’t get finished if I do play an MMO again.

And then SOE announces the new station pass type thing. A long time ago, there were a few months when I used the station pass service to play EQ, EQ2, and even tried out some of the other games like Planetside and SWG. I didn’t ever play any of those games as seriously as EQ2 though, and eventually opted to just pay the standard sub for that game alone. The announcement of this same program only costing $15 for all SOE games is right up my alley though. With it, I could go back and play EQ2, mess around with any of the other games on offer, and be ready for when EQNext pops up in the future. Granted, I would also need to purchase some expansions to be current, but for a frugal gamer like myself the idea is very tempting indeed.

However, recent expenses have left me penniless, so despite the niceness of the deal I am going to have to pass — for now. I am thinking about upgrading my computer setup in the coming months, and if I do that, then I am most definitely jumping on this bandwagon. Not only do I enjoy more than one of these games, one that I am actually looking forward to will be included upon release, so why not? In the meantime, I plan to complete as many games in my backlog as possible so that I will be read to devote significant time to an MMO again. Who knows if this will all pan out, I could change my mind tomorrow, but I like the emotional tug I got when I heard the news. That’s intriguing.