Running through DmC

In rare fashion, I didn’t download the newest free game on Playstation Plus on Tuesday. In rare-er fashion, I beat said game only two days after having downloaded it. This is something I simply don’t do anymore. I am usually all over the newest free games right when they release, but then only play them for a couple of hours and move on to another new shiny. It was refreshing to get so hooked into a game right out of the box so to speak, but it was a bit on the short side, and that aided my task. I also decided against playing through it again, or going for the Platinum trophy; it’s already been removed from my hard drive.

In the now standard Capcom fashion, DmC has a heavy emphasis on action, with many cut scenes mingled into the gameplay. If you played Resident Evil 5 or 6, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I for one, am a fan of the newer RE games though, so this can either be your cup o’ tea or something that irks you. I happened to get rather wrapped up in the storyline of this Devil May Cry reboot, and I don’t remember the story really mattering to me all that much when I played the original however many years ago. The combat actually became tiresome as button mashers are wont to do, as did the constant grappling hook movements through different parts of the game. At the same time, these features were cool and things were constantly being added to the mix, such as new moves, new weapons and new enemies. I think the developers figured out that the button mashing would get old quick, so they tried to keep you distracted with new toys — however the layers upon layers of mashing buttons and holding triggers became annoying as well. There’s so much to like here, and so much that was annoying. I really like the game, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who doesn’t have good twitchy reflexes. If you thought QTE’s in Resident Evil were tricky, try getting through some of the ridiculous areas of the game that require using different grappling hooks and glide skills. With the wonky controls aside, I felt that the atmosphere and graphics were top notch, and the story was pretty cool too.

I don’t want to give out spoilers, but the game is worth playing for the story alone. Plus it literally took me only three sittings to finish the game, so it’s not like you’re going to waste weeks on it. It was definitely worth the asking price of free. The mixture of Fantasy, Religious Mythology, Sci-Fi, and even some Steampunk themes made for an interesting world that felt real. With that said, here’s some arbitrary screenshots just because:

WP_20140110_001WP_20140110_002 WP_20140110_003 WP_20140110_005 WP_20140110_007 WP_20140110_008


In case you didn’t hear me the first time, the game is free on PSN right now for Plus members. Check it out.