Lunar Revel 2014

The Seasonal events just keep coming in League of Legends. As a game that is played extensively throughout the world, there are more than just American holidays celebrated in-game. This is the time of the Chinese New Year, and the Lunar Revel is League’s celebration of it. As with all of the holiday events, there are new summoner’s icons to earn, and new skins to buy. I’m surprised though, that there wasn’t a featured game mode to go along with the celebration. Still, the icons are less exclusive than usual, being earned just by playing and winning on the different game maps. The skins are cool, but once again all on champs that I don’t really play. I have enough ward skins as well, so I’m passing on all the purchase-ables. Here’s the links to the goods:

Lunar Revel Site
Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere Skin
Lunar Goddess Diana Skin
Dragonblade Riven Skin

Also, there is a post over on that sounds like a champion teaser:

For many moons our prison held the butcher at bay, but now it’s simply a matter of time before he erupts onto the rift.

You’ve been warned.

I mean, what else could it be? Some sort of special event? Maybe, but I’m betting on a champion teaser, mainly because I also found some leaked champion information a few days ago, and the “rift” clue makes me think that “Velkoz” is coming:



One way or the other, this champion sounds pretty cool. I guess we’ll find out if he’s what the mystery is all about.