Smoke and Mirrors

As promised, here’s more on The Wolf Among Us. This time we’re diving into Episode 2. When we left off, Bigby had just ripped Grendle’s arm off, and then took Tweedledee into custody. And then the whole Snow White with her head cut off thing. But before we get started, here’s the results:

WP_20140226_001 WP_20140226_002

So we can infer that the Mundie police officers took Bigby into custody, as when this episode opens he is being questioned by a Detective, and things aren’t looking good. Suddenly the detective’s nose starts bleeding, and she cries out in pain saying “make it stop” before passing out. Ichabod Crane busts in the room with a box labeled EVIDENCE and tells you to get moving. He used some sort of spell that would make them all pass out and lose their memory of the last 24 hours. This is just one of the ways that Fables and things that they do stay hidden from the Mundies. Leaving the station in Crane’s car, the two start talking about Snow White’s death, and how much she meant to them. With the majority, I decided to be sympathetic with Crane, he seemed to be a more genuinely nice guy this time around, and I thought perhaps we had gotten off on the wrong foot.

Returning to the Office, Crane had mentioned that Tweedledee was found locked up where Bigby had left him, and transported inside where he was being held in a cell. When Bigby arrives in the cell, we are introduced to Bluebeard, who is about to cut Tweedledee’s throat. Crane yells at him and Bluebeard backs off while Bigby starts his own interrogation. I was more aggressive than the majority, choosing to rough him up a bit because it felt like the best course of action to get him talking. Tweedledee’s employer kept coming up, but his identity has yet to be revealed. Some information is let loose, but Bigby beats the hell out of him, and in the midst of all that, Snow White enters the room. Mind blown.

Calming down, Bigby heads with Snow into the Mayor’s office where Toad and TJ (Toad Junior) are waiting. It is revealed that TJ had snuck out and was swimming in the river when someone came along and dumped a body that had cinder blocks tied to its ankles. The body had been recovered, and it turned out to be the dead Snow’s. With her head and body reunited, Bigby and Snow said goodbye to the Toads and went to examine it. Some of Snow White’s hair along with her same perfume were found, with a note that said she should wear it, and use a Glamour to appear like Snow. Suddenly the Glamour wears off, and it turns out that “Snow” is actually a Troll; Holly’s sister Lily. Due to this lead, it was back to the Trip Trap Bar to speak with Holly. At this point Snow wants to come along, but Crane insists that she wouldn’t be safe. The overwhelming majority of players were with me, and allowed her to come along. It seemed Crane was trying to protect her, but I felt her safer by my side.

Turns out that Holly and Lily didn’t talk much anymore. Holly was sad but she let us know that Lily worked as a prostitute for Georgie Porgie, at the Pudding and Pie. This one struck a cord with me, as it’s a familiar Fable, and with my name being George, you can make the correlation. Ironically this Georgie has Tattoos too… though that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. Bigby parts with Snow to head to the club, and once inside has a confrontation with Georgie. There were many options when I was able to smash his face, but I couldn’t hit my spiritual brother from another mother, and chose to smash his stuff instead. Eventually I got what I want, and it turned out that most of the other players out there chose not to beat on ol Georgie. He gives me the register book, but it is little help with the anonymity factor of his business. The stripper he was testing when Bigby arrived was of more help though. She allowed him to make an appointment with her, so upon giving her some cash, she talks to Georgie and returns with a key to a nearby motel.

Great name, but still a scumbag.
Great name, but still a scumbag.

Unfortunately she gives Bigby the key to room #204, and #207 is where Lily (who was Glamoured like Snow) was to meet a “Mr. Smith.” Heading to the motel, Bigby was going to have to figure out how to get into the other room without a key. Luckily, once inside and after ringing the bell, Beauty appears from a back room and is surprised to see Bigby. She explains that no she isn’t a prostitute, and that she only works the front desk in an effort to help make ends meet (many Fables who were rich in their tales aren’t so well off anymore). She also mentioned being thankful that Bigby never ratted her out to Beast. Bigby also has to explain that he is there on business, not visiting a prostitute. Beauty insists on coming along with him while he investigates. Once there, Bigby lets out that he doesn’t have the key to the room he needs to investigate, and they find out the room is locked. Soon after Beast shows up, and finds the two of them together. He goes into a rage, screaming about how that’s his wife and how could they do this, etc. Another fight ensues, and Bigby is forced to defend himself. After a good punch, I decided that Beast had had enough, as did most other players. He wasn’t done though, and smashed Bigby right through the door to #207.

Once inside, a gruesome scene is revealed. The bed, littered with flowers, is also covered in blood. Beast loses his rage, and realizes that nothing was going on between the two. He’s sent to lock up the front door and watch for anyone trying to come in. Upon investigation, the Snow White dress from her Fable is hanging in the closet. All of the evidence points to Mr. Smith being obsessed with Snow White, to the point where he pays this prostitute to Glamour herself, and to dress and smell like Snow. Photos are found, some old (Bigby with Snow white from the past) along with a picture of Ichabod Crane molesting “Snow” on the very bed in the room. So Mr. Smith is Crane.

At that moment, Crane is using the Magic Mirror to view Bigby, and knows that he has been discovered. He picks up a magic lamp and smashes it into the Mirror, and the episode ends.

More to come, as I have the season pass. I will dive into the further episodes as they are released.

March IGC

March is shaping up to be another pretty decent month for the Playstation Plus service. I’m glad that Sony decided to support the PS3 for a while, those of us who haven’t purchased a PS4 yet are still getting a ton of new games to play. For PS4 owners, a game that was the first I ever purchased off of PSN is coming to the new platform. The game in question is Dead Nation. This is the “apocalypse edition,” so I’m assuming that it’s the original game plus the DLC that released for it all rolled into one. Dead Nation is a zombie-themed over head shooter, in Smash TV style. It was a great game, and I had a lot of fun with it, so I’ll still get it into my Download list for a possible future playthrough.

On the PS3, we’re getting the Tomb Raider reboot, which is a game I’ve been wanting to play for a while. I actually purchased a used copy for my friend for Christmas last year, and was going to borrow it later, but never got around to it. Now I will have my own copy, so that’s a plus. I was a fan of the Tomb Raider series back in the Saturn/PS1 days, I played the original on the Saturn and the next two on the Playstation. The original was a whole new world of gaming, the story was great, the open world (that wasn’t really open at all) felt huge, the combat was fun, and the puzzles weren’t super annoying. Fast forward to games like Uncharted and it’s a dinosaur, but it was awesome at the time. The sequel added some new features and was still fun, but by the third game I was pretty much done with Lara’s adventures. I know there was a fourth game on the first PS, and at least a one or two through PS2’s generation, and one that I know of that released previously on PS3. I never played any of those games though, it was another series like Call of Duty that became a rehash and I grew tired of it (though this was before all of the modern day cash grabs with DLCs and whatnot). So my relationship with the series was jaded, but I am willing to give this reboot a chance. Especially for free. And Because Boobs:


The other two PS3 games are indie titles that released last year. The first, Thomas was Alone, doesn’t look like a game I’m interested in whatsoever. It’s pixels. And Puzzles. Or something to that effect. I might give it a whirl but I’m not expecting much. The other title is Lone Survivor, and it’s supposed to be a 2-D survival horror game, which is one of my favorite genres. The game also reminds me of an old school NES title, “Maniac Mansion.” I believe that game was a port from computers of its day, so the interface is different of course, but check out these pictures and tell me you don’t get a similar vibe:

Maniac_Mansion_-_1990_-_Jaleco_Ltd. screenshotI

23 years does make quite a difference when it comes to pixellated 2-D art. Nevertheless, I intend to dive into that game whole-heartedly upon release. Because of late 2-D + Indie has been a win. 

The above two titles are also cross-buy, so Vita owners will get those two games along with Unit 13 and a Monster Hunter iteration. I do wish I had a Vita, I probably have 100 games for it already. Monster Hunter is also a series that I always hear buzz about but have never tried personally. Unit 13 is a title I’ve heard of but really know nothing about so I’ll leave it to you to read about it elsewhere. All in all, a decent looking month is ahead.



The Wolf Among Us Episode 1

I debated with myself whether I should go about writing this post in a no-spoilers fashion, or share my experience with the story. When I wrote my thoughts about The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1, I avoided the story line and focused on commentary about the game itself. Then I shared “my choices” with a screen shot at the end. I do have screens of my choices from The Wolf Among Us, for both episodes, and that will be included.

I decided to do this a little differently, and yes I’m going to share my experience with the story, because a) The Wolf Among Us has been out for quite some time, and b) because I can. This time around I’m going to start with the choices I made, and then give a run down of how I came to those decisions. Because, psychology. Episode 1’s results:

WP_20140225_001 WP_20140225_002

The game opens with you getting a call from the slum lord Toad, who is reporting a disturbance — the villian is The Woodsman, who in the fable defeated the Big Bad Wolf. See, in this game you are in a more modern day New York City, in a portion that is segregated from “Mundies” who are mundane or regular humans. All of the Fables (the term they use for themselves) are “fictional” characters from Fairy Tales that really did all of the things that their tales tell, but have lived on and after some catastrophe ended up in our world. You are Bigby Wolf (Big B. Wolf — Big Bad Wolf), the Sheriff round these parts. As such, when contacted by Toad, you are required to show up and make sure no one kills each other, and when The Woodsman (your age old rival) is mentioned, you know you’re in for a fight.

You head upstairs, where The Woodsman is beating the shit out of some girl. You get involved, a fight ensues, and next thing you know, you’re flying out the second story window, arm-in-arm with The Woodsman, smashing down on top of Toad’s car. When you awake, the girl approaches, and then you’re attacked by The Woodsman again. He ends up with his own ax in the back of his head, thanks to the girl “Faith.” Turns out she’s a “working girl,” so you are presented with the option to give her some money so she won’t go back to her pimp empty handed. I chose to, as I took pity on her. Most people seemed to feel the same way. We make an appointment for her to come see me at my apartment, as it was too late for her to come to the office for questioning.

Later, you head home. Outside, you hear someone rustling in the bushes, and after coaxing them out, you find that it is Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. She asks you not to mention her passing to Beast, and heads off. You run into Beast inside, and he asks if you have seen Beauty, I chose to stay neutral, and didn’t confirm nor deny anything. It seems that I am in the minority there, most people must have chosen to lie or tell the truth. Inside your own apartment, you run in Colin who is a resident of “The Farm,” but sneaks out and apparently you are semi-ok with it. The Farm is an area in the outskirts where animal Fables stay so as to keep their presence hidden from Mundies. Its residents are forbidden to leave because of the risks, but those inside the city are permitted to stay as long as they wear “Glamours” which is a spell that allows them to appear human. After bullshitting with Colin, Bigby falls asleep. He awakes to a knock at the door. Expecting Faith, he is surprised to find Snow White. She says he needs to come with her to the Office, which is partly the Police department, and partly the Mayor’s Office. She is his assistant, he being Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow fame. I’m starting to sound like that damned Mirror. More on that later.

At the office, Snow shows us a jacket on the steps that is obviously covering something. When removed, Faith’s head is revealed, severed clean from her body. While trying to clean this all up and investigate the crime, we head inside to look up the girl and figure out who she was. She’s a Fable called DonkeySkin, and the first murder of a Fable in years. Using the Magic Mirror, and speaking in rhyme, Bigby is able to look up various Fables, and having discovered that Faith was married to a “Prince Lawrence”, he looks him up, to see an image of a slumped figured and a knife covered in blood. This prompts the investigation to head that direction, but Bigby also receives another call from Toad, who is frantically asking for help. Of the two, I decided to go to Toad’s aid first, as it sounded like he was in more of a need. Apparently most players felt the same.

At Toads, there was an obvious scuffle but he denies anything has happened. With some investigating and coaxing, he finally starts to talk about Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who are some loan sharking hooligans in our tale. They roughed him up looking for something for their employer, whom is still a mystery at this point. From there, we head to the Prince’s. There is a choice that was sandwiched between my above images about saving Prince Lawrence, but that didn’t happen for me. When I arrived he was near death, a suicide. He dies and we move on. Not sure how I compare to others on this one. At another point, Ichabod asks who I think is responsible and I fingered the Tweedles, mainly because they seemed like the only ones with something to hide and I really didn’t think the Woodsman did it. I was somewhere in the middle on this, though part of the image is cut off.

Finally, a lead takes me to the Trip Trap Bar, a scummy hangout. Inside, Grendel sits alone with his drink, and the place is empty besides him and the Bartender Holly. Bigby questions her, then Grendel, and they both know he’s looking for the Woodsman, when lo and behold, despite their claims of ignorance, he comes waltzing out of the bathroom. Bigby talks with him for a bit, and then piss Grendel off to the point that he drops his Glamour to reveal his true form. A fight ensues, and Bigby drops his Glamour as well, so it becomes and epic fight. Holly drops her Glamour as well, she’s a Troll and an ugly one at that, but she doesn’t interfere too much. Surprisingly the Woodsman doesn’t get involved at all. At the end of the fight, Holly declares Grendel has had enough, and Bigby is presented with the option to rip his arm off or let it be. I went with the dick move and ripped it off. I’m surprised that wasn’t one of the choices that was tracked to be honest. Shortly thereafter, Tweedledee busts in asking about something when he sees Bigby in Big Bad Wolf form, and turns to run. At the same time, The Woodsman takes off in the opposite direction. Here he is presented with another choice, and I picked Tweedledee, mainly to keep in line with my earlier declaration of guilt. It seems that despite more people “fingering” others over the Tweedles, the majority of players still arrested him in the end, which is interesting.

Leaving the bar, and heading back to the Office, Bigby sees the flashing lights of police vehicles, and he decides to lock up Tweedledee to a nearby lamp post. Approaching the Office, we’re presented with a familiar sight, albeit this time with police officers around. Upon closer inspection it is revealed that Snow White’s head is placed in the exact same spot as Faith’s was earlier, severed clean off. And then it’s all over.

I’ll save Espiode 2 for another post.

When Pigs Smoke
When Pigs Smoke

Patch 4.3 (Vel’Koz)

It’s been a while since I’ve made any commentary on League of Legends’ patch notes, but this time around there are some portions that I feel are worth talking about. First up, this is the Vel’Koz patch, but according to the notes “Vel’Koz is somewhere in this patch but will be turned on at a later date.” That’s a bummer, but that does mean that he will turn up soon enough. They were kind enough to share his champion spotlight video though, so we get a little fix. I’m sharing it as well:

He is an interesting champion indeed, and one I am very much looking forward to playing. I’m not usually real big on the mage/mid types, but this is one of the few that appear to be of my playstyle. Poke champs FTW! Another small tidbit of news before I dive into the notes: Bonus RP was announced a few days ago, but has now been made available early, so if you were already planning on buying RP to pick up Vel’Koz (or something else maybe?) now is the time to do it. The breakdown is as follows:

  • $5.00 – 650 RP
  • $10.00 – 1460 RP (1300 + 80 standard bonus RP + 80 extra bonus RP)
  • $20.00 – 3000 RP (2600 + 200 standard bonus RP + 200 extra bonus RP)
  • $35.00 – 5450 RP (4550 + 450 standard bonus RP + 450 extra bonus RP)
  • $50.00 – 7900 RP (6500 + 700 standard bonus RP + 700 extra bonus RP)
  • $100.00 – 17000 RP (13000 + 2000 standard bonus RP + 2000 extra bonus RP)

Now, onto the notes. If you recall the other day I mentioned how I had been playing Hexakill (the new featured game mode if you’re wondering) and that in every game I saw at least one Teemo. The reason for this is simple, Teemo can help in the vision battle with his shrooms, and they are deadly when he builds enough AP. Having the extra slot means you can have that additional utility without losing the viability of the lane you would normally place him in. Teemo can duo with anyone, so he can be thrown anywhere and late game will cause havoc. It seems I am not the only one who thinks Teemo’s shrooms are ridiculous late game, and this nerf proves it:

Teemo’s shrooms are now slightly less annoying.

“Late game, Teemos stacking pure AP could pretty much opt out of fighting by laying deathshrooms everywhere and spamming the laugh button. If you’re ever close to losing it after dying to a shroom, just remember; millions of Teemos die each day .”

R – Noxious Trap

Yasuo is also getting a nerf to his shield, how much this affects his power remains to be seen. Yasuo is scary if he gets fed. I’ve never had him on my team, but every time I’ve faced him I’ve been on the losing end of the game.

We’ve reduced Way of the Wanderer’s shield duration as well as its value at higher levels.

“We want to further emphasize Yasuo’s defensive weaknesses, like triggering his shield with a basic attack and then waiting out the duration, or making him more vulnerable to lots of things hitting him at the same time.”

Passive – Way of the Wanderer

SHIELD DURATION 2 seconds ⇒ 1.5 seconds
SHIELD (ROUGH VALUES) 60~690 ⇒ 60~470
SHIELD (REAL VALUES) 60/65/70/75/85/95/110/125/145/170/200/240/290/350/420/500/590/690 ⇒ 60/65/70/75/80/90/100/110/125/140/160/185/215/250/290/340/400/470

Fear as a mechanic is getting re-worked all the way around. Fiddlesticks has more than one change, but the following changes for his fear also affect Nocturne and Shaco’s boxes.

In addition to the Terrify changes, we’ve increased Drain’s cast range.

Q – Terrify

UTILITY Affected units run around in fear ⇒ Affected units now run away from Fiddlesticks with impaired movement

W – Drain

CAST RANGE 475 ⇒ 575 (tether range remains at 750)

I’m not sure that I like these fear changes. When the enemies ran in random patterns, they still stayed confined to a small area, whereas now they will be running away from the enemy. In a case where you trigger fear on an enemy  near a turret, it will now run into turret range instead of staying out of range where you or your group can kill them before they escape. There are other ways this can also be a hindrance. Now looking at items, first up is TotG:<

Tear of the Goddess

“Not enough tears on the Rift.”

NEW PASSIVE Additionally grants +1 maximum mana per 8 seconds

I like this change as a different way to build your AP carries or other mana dependent champs. Not only do you get the original passive where each spell gives you more mana, but now there is also mana regen, eliminating the need for a different item for regen. Many times I would find myself build this and a chalice in the early game, and that doesn’t provide any AP scaling at all. In this case, you can either focus on more AP with more mana, or less AP with CDR and MR, and don’t necessarily need both items. Build diversity is great.


HEALTH180 ⇒ 150
TOTAL COST 950 gold ⇒ 800 gold

Sightstone is being tweaked slightly, in that the health gained is lowered but also the cost to create. That is affected by the ruby crystal that has been tweaked in the same way. The upgraded Sightstone is also affected this way. I’m not sure that I like the fact that all of the +HP items have had their health reduced, but at the same time it is nice to be able to get them earlier. These three items affected are integral to a support role, and with the gains on gold production of late, perhaps this will help with durability early on, in its own way.

Finally, all of the gold producing items from the recent “Support Love Patch” have all been tweaked, but I’m not going to cover all three. I usually run Sona support, and I usually use Spellthief’s Edge. The Edge’s passive has been made to grant additional attack damage to champions and buildings along with the gold, but the AP portion has been nerfed. I dislike any nerf to AP for supports because its hard enough to come by, but once you build through the line and get to Frost Queen’s Claim, you’re only losing 10 AP overall, so it’s really not that big of a deal. They shifted that over to AD. With the way I have been using Hybrid Penetration Marks, this will actually help me with consistent harass damage. The Active on the final build has also changed in that instead of targeting an ally and giving them an aura of slow, you now shoot a projectile that has the same effect.

Check out the Full Patch Notes for other bits I didn’t cover.

The State of the Game #18

The biggest story for me this week was the one I described in my last post, formatting my computer and attempting to get back into an MMO. I won’t go into that again, but there may have been a temporary solution found, more on that later. Despite spending a bunch of time with that project, I still squeezed in some gaming when I had down time. This week the playlist was as follows: Hearthstone, Remember Me, Awesomenauts, and League of Legends. I also have a couple other games to touch on.

I have been playing the game pretty steadily, completing quests seems to come easy these days, and the gold has been flowing. I feel like I’m winning more games than I’m losing, no matter what deck I am playing, at least in normal mode. The great thing about the quest system is that it forces you to play some of the decks you maybe didn’t like all that much to begin with. But in being forced to play them, you may learn to love them. Every deck has its strengths and weaknesses; though some may cater more to your natural playstyle, you can find bits you enjoy throughout. My major weakness has been exposed in The Arena. When I have to randomly choose cards, I’m all about picking the one that seems the best out of the 3 you choose from. That leaves me with unbalanced decks most of the time, and it’s driving me crazy. It doesn’t matter how much I focus and try to get some synergy going, I still cannot get very far. At this point I believe I’ve entered the arena about 6-10 times, and the best I’ve done is 2 wins. That was good enough for a pack and 60g, which got me back into The Arena fairly quickly, just to lose 3 in a row. And I swear, despite a random champ select, EVERYONE is a Paladin. I hate Paladins. That is all.

League of Legends:
I really didn’t play League much at all, but there was a big change that I wanted to touch on. Vel’koz has been teased incessantly, yet I still haven’t seen him for purchase in the store, so no that isn’t the big deal. Heimerdinger is getting a visual rework, but no that isn’t it either. The big deal, is the next featured game mode went live. It was actually teased a while back but for one reason or another I didn’t get around to making any commentary. Now I’ve actually played it, and wow what a difference a single person makes. The first round that I played, I wasn’t really sure what the meta would play out as, so I just called support and ran Sona. Seemed like a relatively safe choice for me. The rest of my team made their picks, and when all was said and done we ended up with a duo top lane, duo bottom, solo mid, and jungle, and the enemy team went solo top and duo mid but otherwise the same. Not only that, but we didn’t have a marksman, so my lane was damned from the start. Sona and Cho’Gath bot for the win! Needless to say it started out ugly and didn’t get much better from there. We did hold on for quite some time, but it was basically over at champ select. The next game went a bit better, I said I didn’t care what lane I went to, but that I was going to be Teemo. Cause, Teemo. There was a Teemo every match I played. I was bot with a Tristana, and we had better lane setups this time. Our top lane was Leona and Aatrox, and holy hell they decimated. Leona had the most kills by end of game. I had an average score, mostly assists because of poison/shrooms. It was crazy as we could send 4 people bot to push and have a duo split push elsewhere, it really changes the dynamic of the game. Too bad it’s only for a limited time.

I played Awesomenauts a few times. I was actually going to retire that game and remove it from my system but my roommate still plays it fairly regularly so I got suckered in a few times. I have maxed my level though, so aside from jumping around on the Leaderboards I don’t really feel like I’m accomplishing anything. I did make a couple of new friends in the game, so perhaps I’ll keep it around for a while longer.

Remember Me:
So last week’s free game via PSPlus was Remember Me. If you recall, I mentioned that I had heard the name, but didn’t really know a thing about the game, and that persisted until I decided to give it a whirl. I never looked anything up, I just blindly gave it a try. Wow. This game combined so many different things from different games, all of which were features that I found appealing in their various forms. The game is the stereotypical over the shoulder 3rd person game, the protagonist is female (and sexy, as is also required), there’s a complex fighting system, there’s lots of adventure, a whole ‘nother world to explore (albeit very linear), and even an Inception-like memory-within-a-memory final sequence. It’s really so many things from so many other parts of popular culture that it doesn’t have a genre. It doesn’t have a niche. It’s really not even itself, it’s a combination of many other selves. Despite this lack of identity, it managed to pull me in right from the get-go, and noticing all the similarities between it and other games I’ve loved actually enhanced my experience. Maybe you would be irritated by one or more parts of this game, but they are some of the coolest features from other games that somehow work when slammed altogether with a Sci-Fi twist.

Parts of the game remind me of the Resident Evil Series (QTEs anyone?). Others of Uncharted (climbing around, cutscene integration). The combo fighting system felt like many of beat-em-ups I’ve played over the years. Maybe it was the story, maybe it was the fighting and cool special effects. I’m not really sure but I loved this game, it’s definitely worth a playthrough. I won’t spoil anything for you.

On The Horizon:
Because of Hearthstone, I’ve had a renewed interest in CCGs. I don’t have hundreds to throw around on trying to get into a physical game, nor do I know anyone who plays any. However, I did purchase another electronic version of a CCG a couple years ago. Magic Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. For one reason or another I never really played it, removed it from my hard drive, and forgot I owned it. I remembered at some point this week, and downloaded it a couple of nights ago. I have yet to play it, so no further commentary at this time, but that’s something I intend to dive into. Apparently the 2014 edition dropped last year, so a 2015 edition theoretically is on its way. If I really get into the one I already have, perhaps those will make it into the rotation as well.

The free game this week is for the Vita (the collection I can’t play grows!), so I’ll fall back into playing Skyrim along with the session based games above. I splurged a little today with the PSN sale that started, I picked up The Wolf Among us season pass, and The Walking Dead season 2 season pass. The first one was a steal at $9 and two episodes are already out. With TWD, I bought only the first episode previously @ $5, so getting the pass for $10 still gives me a $10 discount overall on the remaining episodes (where’s episode 2 anyway?). So I’ll probably run through TWA’s 2 episodes this week as well.