February Plus Preview

Plus has started off with a bang this year. I was mostly elated with the selections in January, DmC and Bioshock: Infinite were worthy titles for anyone’s library. Brothers wasn’t so hot and I don’t own a PS4 or Vita, but those collections keep growing nonetheless. The day I buy a PS4/Vita I’m going to have games overload all over again. February is shaping up to be a nice month as well, with some titles that I’ve heard of but overlooked. I’m not sure that they will be my cup of tea, but it seems like bigger titles are coming more often, and they are really trying to keep us non-joneses happy (you know, the people who can’t afford a new system the day it comes out, or don’t want to rush it, etc). For those of you who like pretty moving pictures, here’s the video breakdown:

PS4 is getting a new game titled “Outlast”, and survival horror is something I dig, so this is definitely going on my download list. By the way, if you aren’t a PS4 owner yet but are a Plus member and want to be able to claim these free PS4 titles before they disappear, you can do so by visiting the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) website and go to the store. Sign in with your PSN ID, and “purchase” the freebies. For some reason you can do this via the store on your PS3 for Vita titles, but not the PS4 ones. Still with me? Ok, for the PS3, we get Metro: Last Light, Payday 2, and Remember Me.

I had friends playing Metro when it came out and raving about the game. I’m hoping that it is as good as they were saying. I really don’t know anything about it outside of that, so its going to be a pretty blind experience, but sometimes those are the best experiences. The same goes for Remember Me, I vaguely remember hearing good things, but that could have been some other game. Both were AAA titles, so I’m sure that there will be some redeeming qualities, although some of the “lesser known” games like this are kind of meh. We shall see. Finally, the first Payday game was free for Plus members what, a year ago? By the time I got it, most of my friends were already done with it, so I ended up only playing once or twice and deleting the game. It seemed like it had some charm and replay value, and since I know what to expect, I might give it a more serious go. I’ve also been having this first person shooter itch for a couple of weeks, so maybe this is the game to fill that niche. It’s also not so old at this point, there’s probably people still playing it. At least that’s my hope. Otherwise it will be wiped from my hard drive fairly quickly too.

Lastly, on the Vita there is Street Fighter X Tekken which is a game I almost bought for PS3 a couple of years ago when it released (I think I bought Soul Calibur V instead). I’m always a fan of Street Fighter games, so this is a welcome addition to my huge collection that I can’t play 😉 ModNation Racers could be cool, but the PS3 version of that game was pretty lame, so who knows. Still, free stuff is always good right? Sounds like a fun month ahead. More to come.