The State of the Game #15

It’s Tuesday already? Where does the time go?

This week I spent more time playing MOBAs than anything else, although I did delve further into Doom 3, in an effort to complete the game and free up some room on my hard drive. I did give the ax to Battlefield 3; I must have scratched that itch well enough. I still am feeling the ever increasing urge to play an MMO… but I’m still resisting at this point. Until I can afford a new machine, there really isn’t any point. I’d also feel more comfortable paying a monthly, only because I don’t want to be limited in anything I do. It is really tempting to jump into the free to play version of EQ2 or LOTRO, but then again, I’d prefer seeing the newest content, so I’m not rehashing more of the same. A new machine is necessary for any of the upcoming releases (ESO, Wildstar, EQN), or even Neverwinter or Rift (I’ve already tried to play the latter two, and it wasn’t pretty, or smooth). So perhaps I am just writing down my inner monologue, but now it’s more officially known that I really want to play an MMO again. With that aside, on to the week’s updates!

Doom 3 is a mixed bag. I really enjoyed playing through the original Doom and Doom 2, as I knew what to expect. Dated graphics and controls aside, they are still action packed, difficult and fun games to play. Doom 3 on the other hand is a mixed experience, in that the controls are more modern (though there’s still no down-the-sights aiming), the graphics are better than the originals’ but still semi-ugly, and the game is slower paced. There really isn’t much of a story line, at least not when it comes to cut scenes and dialogue. You seemingly never speak, and only run into others occasionally who do, though they give minor updates to the story. The bulk of the intrigue comes from the PDAs scattered about the game. These PDAs come with audio logs and emails, both of which add depth and character to the storyline, even if the parts you actually play through do not. There are very tense moments when demons are spawning all around you, and when their compositions become more varied, it is harder to counter them all as easy as you would think. I also started the game on the hardest (available) difficulty. I understand that Nightmare mode doesn’t open until after you have completed Veteran (my current setting) but I don’t think I’ll be playing through again. One of the best emails I’ve come across so far, I had to write down. It reminds me so much of spam that we received on a daily basis:


New Clone Porn movies posted daily! Is this the new taboo? Come and see what everyone is talking about. See gorgeous identical clones in action.

Only 15 credits per month!

I mean, come on, you haven’t gotten terrible spam emails like this? They “sci-fi-ed” it up with the clone part, but it’s still just a cut and paste from my bulk email folder. All in all, the game is still a lot of fun, it’s just not what you would expect from the Doom franchise. It plays at a slower methodical pace, and is almost like a survival horror/mystery game. These are things that I enjoy though, so I guess what I’m trying to say is if you like Doom, don’t expect this to be much like it, outside of name and style. Expect a different but still good experience. With that said, I have progressed through the Alpha Labs, and the Enpro plant as of last night. This included a battle with the first boss, the Vagary, who was fairly challenging.

I really didn’t make any noteworthy progress in League of Legends. I have swapped back and forth between modes and I believe I’ve opened a couple of the Lunar Revel summoner icons, but otherwise it’s more of the same.

In Awesomenauts, I am almost max level, and I have jumped considerably on the leaderboards, yet again. It is seemingly easier after getting past that hump I was stuck on. I broke into the top 1000, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to near the top altogether, very soon. If nothing else, I’ve come to the top of my friend’s list! Here’s the obligatory screenshot:

Oh yeah, top 1000!
Oh yeah, top 1000!

Today we get Metro: Last Light on Playstation Plus. It received an 80 on Metacritic, and from reviews I read it is a “sleeper hit”, a survival-horror first person shooter. This is up my alley for sure, description wise. Not sure if I’ll be firing this up tonight, or if I’m going to try and run through Doom 3 completely beforehand. The difficult decision… I still have half a game plus two expansions waiting for me in the BFG edition… or I can get sucked into something completely new. I’ll probably have to at least try it out, but we will see. Until next time, happy gaming!