Deeper into Dawnguard

This is part of my playthrough of the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim. You can find earlier bits of this adventure on the Ongoing Series page.

When we left off, I had just released the “mysterious woman” from her prison. This mysterious woman turned out to be a vampire named Serana, and had possession of an Elder Scroll. The first order of business was to escape from the dungeon, and of course there were some more mobs in our way. Thankfully, Serana is a powerful mage, so she helped make short work of the baddies.

Serana and her pet
Serana and her pet

A little further along the path, we encountered an arena looking area, and were attacked by a Dragon Priest, who was actually rather tough despite my Dragon Scale armor and bad ass weaponry.


Soon though, we were free of the confines of the underground, and Serana requested that she be taken back to her estate, where her father would surely be. First, we had to get to the coast, at a new location called Icewater Jetty, where a boat awaited us, and Castle Volkihar was semi-visible through the fog.


Once across the water, the Castle was a little more ominous.


Before entering the castle, Serana told me that I should let her do the talking, as her father doesn’t take too kindly to outsiders. Inside, we entered a great hall, with many vampires gathered around a dining area. Lord Harkon, Serana’s father was standing in the middle of the procession, and didn’t take the sight of his daughter the way most fathers would. I let her do the talking until Harkon spoke directly to me. His offer of reward for rescuing his daughter was some of his blood, that when drank would turn me into a vampire. I was already cursed with Lycanthropy though, and declined his offer. This infuriated him, and he presented his true self, along with a warning.

Hello, Ugly
Hello, Ugly

I was told to leave, and that if I was ever seen again he would kill me personally. Swell guy. Really. Serana stayed behind as I was banished from the castle, and appeared back on the shore. I returned to Isran and told him the news. He mentioned being short on recruits, and that two of his old friends should be found and brought in to the Dawnguard. He said that they might take a little convincing, though. Both friends were on opposite sides of the map (of course), and each presented their own challenges to recruit. I started by finding Gunmar in the mountains, hanging out on a cliff.


I was wondering what the hell he was doing way up here, when he told me: Hunting a bear. He asked me if I could help him take it out, and then he would come back to Fort Dawnguard with me. I was expecting an epic bear that was going to be difficult to defeat, but instead it was a run-of-the-mill bear, and very easy to kill.


There’s the dead bear in the water. Gunmar joined up afterward, and I was off to find the other recruit, Sorine Jurard. She was easy enough to find, sitting in a clearing and tinkering on something or other.


She had a request as well, for some part or another for something she was working on, but there was an option to persuade her and my skill was high enough that she reluctantly left her work behind and headed for Fort Dawnguard. Easy. When I myself returned to the Fort, the allies were already with Isran, who then told me that I had a visitor. That visitor was Serana, who had come to tell me that she wanted to help us with the Elder Scroll. That her father had killed her mother and she had been locked away with the scroll to keep it from him. He wants to control the sun and therefore control the world. Typical villain.


From here, I was sent to find a Moth Priest, who are the only people who are able to read the Elder Scrolls. Normally they are only found on a different continent, but there just so happens to be one in Skyrim at this very moment, so away I went. You are presented with options to find the whereabouts of the Priest, and I chose to travel to the College of Winterhold.


I spoke with this ugly mug, and he mentioned rumors of the Moth Priest heading towards the town of Dragon’s Bridge. So away I went. In Dragon’s Bridge, there was no quest marker, so talking to everyone was in order. It took a long time, but eventually I found the only person who knew (or would admit) where the Priest had gone. The kid as it were, let me know that he headed across the bridge not a few moments before I arrived.


Across the bridge there was a ruined cart, and what appeared to be some sort of an ambush. There was a dead body on which I found this note:


Now we were getting somewhere. It was time to visit these ambushers on their own turf. To Forebears’ Holdout! Fancy names aside, it was really just another cave:


The inside however, was very large and cavernous, with a central area that had a force field of some sort. Of course, there were baddies on the way to kill, and I had to kill a vampire who was mentioned in the earlier not, Malkus. Malkus was in the process of enthralling our Moth Priest though, and wasn’t too happy about the interruption. After killing him, he dropped an item that allowed me to remove the force field, and then the Moth Priest attacked! When he finally yielded, he agreed to follow me to Fort Dawnguard and read our Elder Scroll.


That’s when things got weird. Apparently I stumbled upon a bug. I’m not sure how it happened or when it started going wrong (apparently he is supposed to attack you this first time, but not anytime after), but after leaving the cave, Dexion attacked me again. I whacked him until he submitted, and then fast traveled to the Fort. Once inside, he attacked again, this time causing all of my allies to go aggro. This caused him to lock up and not read the Elder Scroll as his dialogue said he would. I exited the Fort and re-entered, and then Dexion went aggro again, but this time he did read the scroll, but then locked up again. It seems this is a well-known bug, and I will have to hope I can reload an old enough save that will allow me to get through the quest.

That’s all for this round. More to come.

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