The State of the Game #17

I’ve already covered most of what I’ve been playing this week, but I do have some updates for those games and some commentary on a couple of things I haven’t yet mentioned. Primarily I spent my time with Skyrim and Hearthstone, so I’ll start with those games:

In Skyrim I had mentioned finding the bug with the Moth Priest. That bastard would attack me anytime we entered another zone. When in Fort Dawnguard, he would go aggro, but while in his “surrender” stance, he would run through the dialogue, but not mention being weary from the reading, which is what needed to happen for the quest to continue. I tried a bunch of fixes that I found on the web, but it came down to me having to reload an old save, which put me back an hour or so. I had to do the recruiting quest all over again, and then start up the Prophet quest again. This time when I entered the prison area, I killed off everything before opening the field, and was still attacked by the Priest. However, this time when he went down, he actually stood up (which is what I read you are looking for, because if he stays down he will remain aggro) and spoke afterwards. I was still skeptical, but he didn’t attack when I returned to Fort Dawnguard, and this time his animation was correct when running through his dialogue regarding the Elder Scroll:

A little less ornery.
A little less ornery.

I was able to complete the quest and go about my business, which in this case was to find the other two Elder Scrolls. I’ve ran through quite a bit more of the DLC but I’ll save that for my next post.

In Hearthstone, per J3w3l’s advice, I saved up gold from dailies and entered the arena again. I was presented with random options for which champion (deck) I would play, and picked the Priest. I built the random deck to the best of my ability, but you have to make somewhat hasty decisions because you don’t know what’s going to come up next. Each round you pick 1 out of 3 cards, and sometimes you’ll end up with doubles, but not always. Forget having any sort of theme, it’s not going to happen. The only cool part is that I got to use some cards that I don’t yet own, so that was nice to see how they might work in-game. I was thinking that you only had one “life”, in that you could only lose once before you were kicked out of the arena, but it turns out you get three “lives”. I was disappointed when I lost my first game to a Paladin, I had the early advantage but ended up tanking at the end. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I can actually lose three games before being “out”. The second game went in my favor, I utterly destroyed the Warlock I was up against. I don’t even think I was missing any health because I healed myself up before winning. After that, I went 0/2 against another Paladin and a Rogue. If I had my Priest deck it would have been a different story I think, but that’s besides the point. It was a good experience, and I agree with J3w3l that it is gold better spent as opposed to just buying a pack. The 1 measly win netted me a pack and 35 gold, so I got part of my investment back. Hopefully next time I’ll do better overall. Otherwise I’ve just been keeping up with dailies.

Last week’s free Plus game was Payday 2. I played its predecessor, and I wasn’t really overly impressed, but I explained that before. I decide to give the sequel a try, and I can honestly say I enjoyed it more than the first. Not only is there more of a feel that this is a world, rather than just a multiplayer lobby (the safehouse portion of the game helps with this), but there is more variety than in the first game. Outside of bank robberies, there are all sorts of other heists. I chose to play as Wolf, who is a pretty straight forward assault type, and chose to go with the perk that allows you to drop ammo for your buddies to start with. The first operation I was on had my group on a city block littered with retail outlets (reminded me of Beverly Hills) that we had free reign to rob. The goal was to collect a certain dollar amount, and it was in cash registers and safes primarily. Getting drills onto the safes is probably the most annoying thing I’ve encountered, as they take forever to allow you to open the safe, and are constantly jamming. Teamwork is key because the police will show up shortly after  you start causing a ruckus, and you need someone watching your back while you reset those drills and whatnot. It appears that options will crop up later, like using C4 or being able to pick locks, but these options weren’t available to me just yet. I completed my first mission solo with AI, but chose to help rob a bank with some random online people afterwards. They were already in the thick of it so I’m not sure exactly how the operation was supposed to go, but it was good fun shooting up everything and carrying fat bags of cash. I’m not sure how this will fit in my rotation, but it was fun. Trying to convince my roommate to play it as well.

On the horizon is more of the above, but also the new free Plus game, Remember Me. Until next time.