The Failed Experiment

This was supposed to be the post where I revealed that I was playing an MMO again, but as the title infers, that is not the case.

Let’s back up a little, shall we? You may recall recently when I had written about how I was going to be building a new computer, with the idea of being able to play current MMOs but also be ready for the new releases on the horizon. Well that idea got nixed recently, partly due to the fact that I decided I didn’t want to spend the remainder of my tax return and have nothing left in the bank, but also due to other financial constraints. Without going into detail, we’ll just say that my income has taken a turn for the worse. With all that said, building a new machine has been put on hold.

So the next idea, the fall back plan, was to reformat my laptop in the hopes that having a fresh install of everything would help out performance issues that I was having. When I had tried games that I should have been able to run, they weren’t running optimally, so I thought this was the answer.

That came with its own set of challenges, as my DVD-drive in the laptop had stopped functioning as well. This meant that I couldn’t use the Windows disc, or any discs for that matter, to aid with the formatting and backing up and all that good stuff. My solution was to use SkyDrive, which was just recently changed to OneDrive. So, on Tuesday I paid for 50 GB of storage and began uploading everything I needed to back up. This process took much longer than anticipated, but eventually I had everything backed up, and felt confident moving forward.

My laptop came with a recovery partition, so though it wouldn’t be a clean install of Windows, I knew it wouldn’t be that much of a hassle to remove the bloatware. The recovery went off without a hitch, and then after uninstalling all the garbage I had a shitload of Windows updates, and finally go to the point where I could download and install some games.

I threw Hearthstone and League of Legends back on, and patched them up. I downloaded some of my games from GOG, and any other applications that I needed to be back to where I was before this whole process started. At some point in there I told my Dad about everything that I was doing, and he obviously wanted me to come to a game he was still playing periodically, so I downloaded EQ2 again. I got everything installed and patched, and launched the game for the first time on Saturday.

When I got in game I was overwhelmed with the UI and tons of AA changes and whatnot, that I didn’t really move around or “play” the game at all. I was merely absorbing information. I ended up logging out without really doing much. Today, I got back into the game and noticed that things weren’t really running all that great. The part that was weird was I was running it on the same settings I had run the game on 3 years ago when I played last, and back then everything worked fine. Hell, my old desktop that is a dinosaur by today’s standards used to run the game, so I couldn’t figure out what the issue was. I read forum posts and different sites that gave tips on optimization, and of all the damn suggestions, nothing worked.

Sadly, running the game on its most minimal settings was netting me 20 frames per second or less. That is unacceptable, and unplayable. I used to run the same game on the same machine in the mid-range. I don’t understand what is causing the issue, and all of my efforts went in vain. So MMOs are still on the backburner, until I can get a new machine. By then, the new games will probably be out, so who knows what will actually be played.

In the meantime, while all of this was going on, I have nearly finished Remember Me on the PS3. I will most likely finish it up before Tuesday, so more on that later.

Sorry MMOs… I tried.