Patch 4.3 (Vel’Koz)

It’s been a while since I’ve made any commentary on League of Legends’ patch notes, but this time around there are some portions that I feel are worth talking about. First up, this is the Vel’Koz patch, but according to the notes “Vel’Koz is somewhere in this patch but will be turned on at a later date.” That’s a bummer, but that does mean that he will turn up soon enough. They were kind enough to share his champion spotlight video though, so we get a little fix. I’m sharing it as well:

He is an interesting champion indeed, and one I am very much looking forward to playing. I’m not usually real big on the mage/mid types, but this is one of the few that appear to be of my playstyle. Poke champs FTW! Another small tidbit of news before I dive into the notes: Bonus RP was announced a few days ago, but has now been made available early, so if you were already planning on buying RP to pick up Vel’Koz (or something else maybe?) now is the time to do it. The breakdown is as follows:

  • $5.00 – 650 RP
  • $10.00 – 1460 RP (1300 + 80 standard bonus RP + 80 extra bonus RP)
  • $20.00 – 3000 RP (2600 + 200 standard bonus RP + 200 extra bonus RP)
  • $35.00 – 5450 RP (4550 + 450 standard bonus RP + 450 extra bonus RP)
  • $50.00 – 7900 RP (6500 + 700 standard bonus RP + 700 extra bonus RP)
  • $100.00 – 17000 RP (13000 + 2000 standard bonus RP + 2000 extra bonus RP)

Now, onto the notes. If you recall the other day I mentioned how I had been playing Hexakill (the new featured game mode if you’re wondering) and that in every game I saw at least one Teemo. The reason for this is simple, Teemo can help in the vision battle with his shrooms, and they are deadly when he builds enough AP. Having the extra slot means you can have that additional utility without losing the viability of the lane you would normally place him in. Teemo can duo with anyone, so he can be thrown anywhere and late game will cause havoc. It seems I am not the only one who thinks Teemo’s shrooms are ridiculous late game, and this nerf proves it:

Teemo’s shrooms are now slightly less annoying.

“Late game, Teemos stacking pure AP could pretty much opt out of fighting by laying deathshrooms everywhere and spamming the laugh button. If you’re ever close to losing it after dying to a shroom, just remember; millions of Teemos die each day .”

R – Noxious Trap

Yasuo is also getting a nerf to his shield, how much this affects his power remains to be seen. Yasuo is scary if he gets fed. I’ve never had him on my team, but every time I’ve faced him I’ve been on the losing end of the game.

We’ve reduced Way of the Wanderer’s shield duration as well as its value at higher levels.

“We want to further emphasize Yasuo’s defensive weaknesses, like triggering his shield with a basic attack and then waiting out the duration, or making him more vulnerable to lots of things hitting him at the same time.”

Passive – Way of the Wanderer

SHIELD DURATION 2 seconds ⇒ 1.5 seconds
SHIELD (ROUGH VALUES) 60~690 ⇒ 60~470
SHIELD (REAL VALUES) 60/65/70/75/85/95/110/125/145/170/200/240/290/350/420/500/590/690 ⇒ 60/65/70/75/80/90/100/110/125/140/160/185/215/250/290/340/400/470

Fear as a mechanic is getting re-worked all the way around. Fiddlesticks has more than one change, but the following changes for his fear also affect Nocturne and Shaco’s boxes.

In addition to the Terrify changes, we’ve increased Drain’s cast range.

Q – Terrify

UTILITY Affected units run around in fear ⇒ Affected units now run away from Fiddlesticks with impaired movement

W – Drain

CAST RANGE 475 ⇒ 575 (tether range remains at 750)

I’m not sure that I like these fear changes. When the enemies ran in random patterns, they still stayed confined to a small area, whereas now they will be running away from the enemy. In a case where you trigger fear on an enemy  near a turret, it will now run into turret range instead of staying out of range where you or your group can kill them before they escape. There are other ways this can also be a hindrance. Now looking at items, first up is TotG:<

Tear of the Goddess

“Not enough tears on the Rift.”

NEW PASSIVE Additionally grants +1 maximum mana per 8 seconds

I like this change as a different way to build your AP carries or other mana dependent champs. Not only do you get the original passive where each spell gives you more mana, but now there is also mana regen, eliminating the need for a different item for regen. Many times I would find myself build this and a chalice in the early game, and that doesn’t provide any AP scaling at all. In this case, you can either focus on more AP with more mana, or less AP with CDR and MR, and don’t necessarily need both items. Build diversity is great.


HEALTH180 ⇒ 150
TOTAL COST 950 gold ⇒ 800 gold

Sightstone is being tweaked slightly, in that the health gained is lowered but also the cost to create. That is affected by the ruby crystal that has been tweaked in the same way. The upgraded Sightstone is also affected this way. I’m not sure that I like the fact that all of the +HP items have had their health reduced, but at the same time it is nice to be able to get them earlier. These three items affected are integral to a support role, and with the gains on gold production of late, perhaps this will help with durability early on, in its own way.

Finally, all of the gold producing items from the recent “Support Love Patch” have all been tweaked, but I’m not going to cover all three. I usually run Sona support, and I usually use Spellthief’s Edge. The Edge’s passive has been made to grant additional attack damage to champions and buildings along with the gold, but the AP portion has been nerfed. I dislike any nerf to AP for supports because its hard enough to come by, but once you build through the line and get to Frost Queen’s Claim, you’re only losing 10 AP overall, so it’s really not that big of a deal. They shifted that over to AD. With the way I have been using Hybrid Penetration Marks, this will actually help me with consistent harass damage. The Active on the final build has also changed in that instead of targeting an ally and giving them an aura of slow, you now shoot a projectile that has the same effect.

Check out the Full Patch Notes for other bits I didn’t cover.