The Wolf Among Us Episode 1

I debated with myself whether I should go about writing this post in a no-spoilers fashion, or share my experience with the story. When I wrote my thoughts about The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1, I avoided the story line and focused on commentary about the game itself. Then I shared “my choices” with a screen shot at the end. I do have screens of my choices from The Wolf Among Us, for both episodes, and that will be included.

I decided to do this a little differently, and yes I’m going to share my experience with the story, because a) The Wolf Among Us has been out for quite some time, and b) because I can. This time around I’m going to start with the choices I made, and then give a run down of how I came to those decisions. Because, psychology. Episode 1’s results:

WP_20140225_001 WP_20140225_002

The game opens with you getting a call from the slum lord Toad, who is reporting a disturbance — the villian is The Woodsman, who in the fable defeated the Big Bad Wolf. See, in this game you are in a more modern day New York City, in a portion that is segregated from “Mundies” who are mundane or regular humans. All of the Fables (the term they use for themselves) are “fictional” characters from Fairy Tales that really did all of the things that their tales tell, but have lived on and after some catastrophe ended up in our world. You are Bigby Wolf (Big B. Wolf — Big Bad Wolf), the Sheriff round these parts. As such, when contacted by Toad, you are required to show up and make sure no one kills each other, and when The Woodsman (your age old rival) is mentioned, you know you’re in for a fight.

You head upstairs, where The Woodsman is beating the shit out of some girl. You get involved, a fight ensues, and next thing you know, you’re flying out the second story window, arm-in-arm with The Woodsman, smashing down on top of Toad’s car. When you awake, the girl approaches, and then you’re attacked by The Woodsman again. He ends up with his own ax in the back of his head, thanks to the girl “Faith.” Turns out she’s a “working girl,” so you are presented with the option to give her some money so she won’t go back to her pimp empty handed. I chose to, as I took pity on her. Most people seemed to feel the same way. We make an appointment for her to come see me at my apartment, as it was too late for her to come to the office for questioning.

Later, you head home. Outside, you hear someone rustling in the bushes, and after coaxing them out, you find that it is Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. She asks you not to mention her passing to Beast, and heads off. You run into Beast inside, and he asks if you have seen Beauty, I chose to stay neutral, and didn’t confirm nor deny anything. It seems that I am in the minority there, most people must have chosen to lie or tell the truth. Inside your own apartment, you run in Colin who is a resident of “The Farm,” but sneaks out and apparently you are semi-ok with it. The Farm is an area in the outskirts where animal Fables stay so as to keep their presence hidden from Mundies. Its residents are forbidden to leave because of the risks, but those inside the city are permitted to stay as long as they wear “Glamours” which is a spell that allows them to appear human. After bullshitting with Colin, Bigby falls asleep. He awakes to a knock at the door. Expecting Faith, he is surprised to find Snow White. She says he needs to come with her to the Office, which is partly the Police department, and partly the Mayor’s Office. She is his assistant, he being Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow fame. I’m starting to sound like that damned Mirror. More on that later.

At the office, Snow shows us a jacket on the steps that is obviously covering something. When removed, Faith’s head is revealed, severed clean from her body. While trying to clean this all up and investigate the crime, we head inside to look up the girl and figure out who she was. She’s a Fable called DonkeySkin, and the first murder of a Fable in years. Using the Magic Mirror, and speaking in rhyme, Bigby is able to look up various Fables, and having discovered that Faith was married to a “Prince Lawrence”, he looks him up, to see an image of a slumped figured and a knife covered in blood. This prompts the investigation to head that direction, but Bigby also receives another call from Toad, who is frantically asking for help. Of the two, I decided to go to Toad’s aid first, as it sounded like he was in more of a need. Apparently most players felt the same.

At Toads, there was an obvious scuffle but he denies anything has happened. With some investigating and coaxing, he finally starts to talk about Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who are some loan sharking hooligans in our tale. They roughed him up looking for something for their employer, whom is still a mystery at this point. From there, we head to the Prince’s. There is a choice that was sandwiched between my above images about saving Prince Lawrence, but that didn’t happen for me. When I arrived he was near death, a suicide. He dies and we move on. Not sure how I compare to others on this one. At another point, Ichabod asks who I think is responsible and I fingered the Tweedles, mainly because they seemed like the only ones with something to hide and I really didn’t think the Woodsman did it. I was somewhere in the middle on this, though part of the image is cut off.

Finally, a lead takes me to the Trip Trap Bar, a scummy hangout. Inside, Grendel sits alone with his drink, and the place is empty besides him and the Bartender Holly. Bigby questions her, then Grendel, and they both know he’s looking for the Woodsman, when lo and behold, despite their claims of ignorance, he comes waltzing out of the bathroom. Bigby talks with him for a bit, and then piss Grendel off to the point that he drops his Glamour to reveal his true form. A fight ensues, and Bigby drops his Glamour as well, so it becomes and epic fight. Holly drops her Glamour as well, she’s a Troll and an ugly one at that, but she doesn’t interfere too much. Surprisingly the Woodsman doesn’t get involved at all. At the end of the fight, Holly declares Grendel has had enough, and Bigby is presented with the option to rip his arm off or let it be. I went with the dick move and ripped it off. I’m surprised that wasn’t one of the choices that was tracked to be honest. Shortly thereafter, Tweedledee busts in asking about something when he sees Bigby in Big Bad Wolf form, and turns to run. At the same time, The Woodsman takes off in the opposite direction. Here he is presented with another choice, and I picked Tweedledee, mainly to keep in line with my earlier declaration of guilt. It seems that despite more people “fingering” others over the Tweedles, the majority of players still arrested him in the end, which is interesting.

Leaving the bar, and heading back to the Office, Bigby sees the flashing lights of police vehicles, and he decides to lock up Tweedledee to a nearby lamp post. Approaching the Office, we’re presented with a familiar sight, albeit this time with police officers around. Upon closer inspection it is revealed that Snow White’s head is placed in the exact same spot as Faith’s was earlier, severed clean off. And then it’s all over.

I’ll save Espiode 2 for another post.

When Pigs Smoke
When Pigs Smoke

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