Smoke and Mirrors

As promised, here’s more on The Wolf Among Us. This time we’re diving into Episode 2. When we left off, Bigby had just ripped Grendle’s arm off, and then took Tweedledee into custody. And then the whole Snow White with her head cut off thing. But before we get started, here’s the results:

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So we can infer that the Mundie police officers took Bigby into custody, as when this episode opens he is being questioned by a Detective, and things aren’t looking good. Suddenly the detective’s nose starts bleeding, and she cries out in pain saying “make it stop” before passing out. Ichabod Crane busts in the room with a box labeled EVIDENCE and tells you to get moving. He used some sort of spell that would make them all pass out and lose their memory of the last 24 hours. This is just one of the ways that Fables and things that they do stay hidden from the Mundies. Leaving the station in Crane’s car, the two start talking about Snow White’s death, and how much she meant to them. With the majority, I decided to be sympathetic with Crane, he seemed to be a more genuinely nice guy this time around, and I thought perhaps we had gotten off on the wrong foot.

Returning to the Office, Crane had mentioned that Tweedledee was found locked up where Bigby had left him, and transported inside where he was being held in a cell. When Bigby arrives in the cell, we are introduced to Bluebeard, who is about to cut Tweedledee’s throat. Crane yells at him and Bluebeard backs off while Bigby starts his own interrogation. I was more aggressive than the majority, choosing to rough him up a bit because it felt like the best course of action to get him talking. Tweedledee’s employer kept coming up, but his identity has yet to be revealed. Some information is let loose, but Bigby beats the hell out of him, and in the midst of all that, Snow White enters the room. Mind blown.

Calming down, Bigby heads with Snow into the Mayor’s office where Toad and TJ (Toad Junior) are waiting. It is revealed that TJ had snuck out and was swimming in the river when someone came along and dumped a body that had cinder blocks tied to its ankles. The body had been recovered, and it turned out to be the dead Snow’s. With her head and body reunited, Bigby and Snow said goodbye to the Toads and went to examine it. Some of Snow White’s hair along with her same perfume were found, with a note that said she should wear it, and use a Glamour to appear like Snow. Suddenly the Glamour wears off, and it turns out that “Snow” is actually a Troll; Holly’s sister Lily. Due to this lead, it was back to the Trip Trap Bar to speak with Holly. At this point Snow wants to come along, but Crane insists that she wouldn’t be safe. The overwhelming majority of players were with me, and allowed her to come along. It seemed Crane was trying to protect her, but I felt her safer by my side.

Turns out that Holly and Lily didn’t talk much anymore. Holly was sad but she let us know that Lily worked as a prostitute for Georgie Porgie, at the Pudding and Pie. This one struck a cord with me, as it’s a familiar Fable, and with my name being George, you can make the correlation. Ironically this Georgie has Tattoos too… though that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. Bigby parts with Snow to head to the club, and once inside has a confrontation with Georgie. There were many options when I was able to smash his face, but I couldn’t hit my spiritual brother from another mother, and chose to smash his stuff instead. Eventually I got what I want, and it turned out that most of the other players out there chose not to beat on ol Georgie. He gives me the register book, but it is little help with the anonymity factor of his business. The stripper he was testing when Bigby arrived was of more help though. She allowed him to make an appointment with her, so upon giving her some cash, she talks to Georgie and returns with a key to a nearby motel.

Great name, but still a scumbag.
Great name, but still a scumbag.

Unfortunately she gives Bigby the key to room #204, and #207 is where Lily (who was Glamoured like Snow) was to meet a “Mr. Smith.” Heading to the motel, Bigby was going to have to figure out how to get into the other room without a key. Luckily, once inside and after ringing the bell, Beauty appears from a back room and is surprised to see Bigby. She explains that no she isn’t a prostitute, and that she only works the front desk in an effort to help make ends meet (many Fables who were rich in their tales aren’t so well off anymore). She also mentioned being thankful that Bigby never ratted her out to Beast. Bigby also has to explain that he is there on business, not visiting a prostitute. Beauty insists on coming along with him while he investigates. Once there, Bigby lets out that he doesn’t have the key to the room he needs to investigate, and they find out the room is locked. Soon after Beast shows up, and finds the two of them together. He goes into a rage, screaming about how that’s his wife and how could they do this, etc. Another fight ensues, and Bigby is forced to defend himself. After a good punch, I decided that Beast had had enough, as did most other players. He wasn’t done though, and smashed Bigby right through the door to #207.

Once inside, a gruesome scene is revealed. The bed, littered with flowers, is also covered in blood. Beast loses his rage, and realizes that nothing was going on between the two. He’s sent to lock up the front door and watch for anyone trying to come in. Upon investigation, the Snow White dress from her Fable is hanging in the closet. All of the evidence points to Mr. Smith being obsessed with Snow White, to the point where he pays this prostitute to Glamour herself, and to dress and smell like Snow. Photos are found, some old (Bigby with Snow white from the past) along with a picture of Ichabod Crane molesting “Snow” on the very bed in the room. So Mr. Smith is Crane.

At that moment, Crane is using the Magic Mirror to view Bigby, and knows that he has been discovered. He picks up a magic lamp and smashes it into the Mirror, and the episode ends.

More to come, as I have the season pass. I will dive into the further episodes as they are released.