A House Divided

I touched on the first episode of TellTale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 last year when it released. I didn’t go into the story all that much, and changed formats when I started reviewing The Wolf Among Us. I prefer that format over the brief snippet I had posted about this game previously, so I’m going to do it that way. So let’s be underway. First, the choices:

Warning, potential spoilers ahead!


This episode picks up where the last left off. Players were presented with the choice of helping Nick or Pete during a zombie attack, where we had found some other people that had obviously been ravaged. I chose to help Pete when that episode ended, so when this one started we were running and took shelter in a delivery truck. Pete had been bitten previously, so he was already starting to feel under the weather. Clementine looked around the truck but there wasn’t anything to help, aside from a saw, and though he thought about cutting off his leg, he simply couldn’t do it. Could you? Didn’t think so.

They nod off and later Clem wakes up. Thinking Pete is already turning, she pokes him but he is still alive — albeit ready to go. He realizes there’s little hope left for him, so he creates a distraction to allow Clementine to escape. He starts trying to start up the truck and the noise brings the walkers over to it, allowing Clementine to slip out the back and head back to the cabin. When she arrives, almost everyone is gone. Part of the group had headed out to find them, and the few remaining were just hanging out. Upon revealing they had been attacked and Pete had been bitten, all the remaining adults head out to track everyone down. Clementine is left behind to watch over Sarah. Heading upstairs, she is found in her room, playing with a Polaroid camera. The two take pictures of each other, and then Sarah spots someone returning to the cabin.

The stranger at the door seems to know the group, but it is unclear as to how. He is elusive in her questioning, and also asks a lot of his own questions. Clementine doesn’t reveal that Sarah is in the house, though the man does ask about her in particular, especially when he sees the Polaroid. Eventually he leaves, and the others return. When Clementine tells them about the stranger, they believe that he is a man named Carver, and they apparently don’t want to run into him, so they propose that they all leave north, to some far off town that is believed to be safe, and is the same place that Clem and Christa were headed in episode 1. The photo comes up, and you could take the blame for taking it, place the blame on Sarah, or have a neutral response. I went with the latter, and it appears I’m in the minority there.

Nick, whom had been lost since the end of the previous episode turned up with the group as well, and had been asking about Pete. After heading off, we ended up finding the truck, and Pete was nearby, his stomach torn open and a bullet in his head. Not sure if he turned first or if someone put him out of his misery, but he was dead either way. Cut to 5 days later, the group comes to a bridge over a river, on the other side is a ski lodge that appeared to be safe. Luke (this group’s leader) decides that he and Clementine should head across first, just to make sure things are safe. Along the way they are attacked by walkers, and after they are dispatched another person starts to come across the bridge. Thinking it’s Carver or one of his men, the two have their guard up, but the man seems friendly enough. During the conversation Nick runs up out of no where, and because the other man has a gun Nick shoots him. He thought he was doing a good thing, but was a little out of his head due to Pete’s death, and should have shown a bit more restraint. The group continues on to the ski lodge.

Once there, Luke has Clementine climb the ski lift and check out the surroundings. Some lights are visible from the far side of the bridge but appear to head back into the woods. When trying to tell Luke about what she saw, Clementine realizes that the group is in the midst of another confrontation. Turns out another group had taken up in the ski lodge, and it’s leader was none other than Kenny from season 1. I was always fond of Kenny in season 1, and had made him Lee’s friend. Seeing Clementine dropped Kenny’s guard, and everyone heads inside. Kenny hitched up with another woman, and there is another man Walter who keeps talking about his “partner” who I figured was the Asian guy from the bridge. Did I mention he was Asian? Doesn’t really matter, but yeah he was. For a moment I thought it was going to be Glen, but no dice. Later, dinner is served and you are presented with the choice to either sit with Luke and that group, or Kenny and his group. I chose Kenny just because I wanted to catch up, and Luke seemed visibly upset. Looks like most people gravitated towards familiarity as well.

A woman shows up asking for food, and Walter gives her some. She leaves, and shortly thereafter Walter starts piecing together the fact that his partner hasn’t showed back up yet… Clementine admits that Nick killed him but that it was accidental. Nick walks in on this conversation but apparently I had convinced him to not retaliate. Looks like barely over half of the players of this game are honest people, but most of them managed to save Nick’s life. Just then, the windmill that the group used as power for the ski lodge started to spin out of control and everyone leaps to action to take care of it. Wouldn’t you know, right after that is resolved some walkers show up, and after they are killed the begging woman shows up with Carver and others, and they are all armed with automatic rifles. People are separated. Clementine ends up upstairs with Alvin and Rebecca, Kenny is outside, the others are tied up downstairs. Carver wants Rebecca, and no one is talking. Turns out that Carver believes Rebecca’s child is his (Rebecca also believes this, as she had said to Clem earlier, sorry I forgot that tidbit), so he starts breaking Carlos’s fingers one by one. Rebecca and Alvin try to convince Clementine to go find Kenny, but I chose to surrender, because it wasn’t fair to Carlos to be taking all the punishment. Looks like the majority felt the same. After giving up, Kenny starts shooting from outside, and manages to hit Carver, but Carver also executes Alvin. Kenny then surrenders, and the remaining survivors are taken by Carver’s people. The End.

I probably missed some little details here and there, and your playthrough might go differently, but this game is getting intense once again. Definitely glad I picked up the season pass. More to come when the new episodes arrive.