Heroes of the Storm

A newly released video detailing some of the features of Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA “Heroes of the Storm” has me really wanting to try it out. I remember when it was first talked about and went by Blizzard All Stars or whatever, I figured it was just another cash grab by the mega company. I have a weird relationship with Blizzard. I loved the Warcraft and Starcraft RTS games, and loved the early Diablos, but then when WoW came out I was entrenched in another camp (Everquest). I remember having negative things to say about Blizzard at the time, none of which were really founded in legitimacy. WoW is a great game, I’ve played it since and I no longer feel the need to be a fanboy to one company or another. I have also recently been playing their newest games – Diablo III, Starcraft II, and Hearthstone. Funny enough, I played Hearthstone only so that I could make negative commentary, and then ended up loving it. Apparently I still have some emotional issues regarding the company. I’m getting over it though, and trying to work past having been brainwashed 😉

So all of that weirdness aside, this video gets me excited. Blizzard is known for polish, and damn even in an alpha stage this game looks great. Waiting until a fad has been going on for a long time and then making the best version of that fad is also Blizzard’s m.o., and with League of Legends and other MOBAs already having success, here comes Blizz to steal the limelight! Despite the negative connotation there, it’s actually a genius move, and one that has been working for them for over a decade now. Titan will probably be a sandbox MMO at this rate.

Needless to say I opted in to the beta. I assume that will be coming pretty soon, judging by the video.

Anyone else looking forward to this?

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