Straight to Heaven

Last I mentioned I was sitting at the beginning of Act II. Act II was as far as I had been in Diablo III at that point. I first played a Demon Hunter on my father’s account, then a Wizard, reaching that act and level 32. Then I started over on my own account, but also tried a witch doctor and a monk. The Wizard has remained my favorite class, but I am looking forward to making a Crusader once the expansion releases. For now though, I’m focusing on finishing the campaign and leveling the Wizard to 60, which seems very doable before the 25th. I made considerable progress over the last couple of nights, completing one act per night. I’m now at the beginning of Act IV, and I believe I can finish that just as quickly. There really hasn’t been a true challenge as of yet. I’m unsure if that has to do with the way I’m building my character, my skill level, a combination of the two, or perhaps I should just raise the difficulty. I’ll do that after I beat the game at least once on normal.

Act II was a little bland, being a desert area. I have always hated desert zones in RPGs. They’re always dull, usually have annoying enemies, and remind me that I live in the desert and it’s fucking hot. The portions that took place in the town area and sewers were a little more tolerable. Listen to me, preferring sewers over the desert. That’s just silly. The really interesting bit came towards the end of the Act when I made the angel whole again, and took on the biggest baddie thus far, Belial:


Despite looking like a bad ass, he didn’t compare to my level of bad-assery. He did drop a legendary belt for me though, the swell guy that he is.


Unfortunately, being a game where loot progression is the main focal point, that belt was replaced later in Act III. Speaking of which, the 3rd act was my favorite thus far, taking place in a large keep, and then some supernatural parts of hell or whatever the hell they call it these days. Huge demons were bound and tortured in the background, and the whole of the atmosphere was more dire. The bosses came more frequently as well, and it was very satisfying making them toast. Running through lesser demons to get to the big dog that had been harassing me for quite some time didn’t take all that long, and soon I was staring Azmodan in the face. It was seeming that he would end up being the final boss, but no he was just the boss of that Act.

Don't mind me, standing in the fire.
Don’t mind me, standing in the fire.

Azmodan was a sad combatant though, he literally died in 30 seconds or less. Splat. And as you can see above, he was hitting me with all kinds of attacks, but my powers of absorption were greater. In an unexpected turn, the girl I had been helping all along and had some untapped mage-like powers ended up being the daughter of Diablo himself, who somehow impregnated her mother. The mother was then coerced into using me to gather up the black soul stone where all of the prime evil’s souls had been trapped. Then via a ritual the mother transferred all of the demons into the body of the daughter, who essentially becomes Diablo + all the other prime evils. The cutscene following the end of the Act, where Diablo infiltrates heaven itself was ridiculously amazing, check it out:

So now instead of traversing Hell, it’s Heaven instead. I was surprised, and glad I never read anything about the game before. Before I go, here’s a couple more shots of my character sheet and achievements thus far:

DPS is showing lower, it was over 6k in-game.
DPS is showing lower, it was over 6k in-game.
Still a lot to do...
Still a lot to do…