The State of the Game #22

I’m not really in the writing mood today, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

I’ve been playing the shit out of Awesomenauts on Steam. The game is simply far better than the console counterpart, although I’m sure the PS4 version is at least semi-decent. I have found that my favorite characters are now Ayla, Gnaw and Raelynn. I win almost every game I play with them. I’m at level 60 something of 100 something, so I’m progressing well enough, but this version of the game with it’s longer progression (plus prestige levels) is going to keep me busy for a long time. Especially since Starstorm is supposed to bring something like 4 more nauts and another map to the game.

I beat The Banner Saga. Apparently there’s more than one ending though, so I’m interested to do another play through, but not right at the moment. My ending saw Rook’s daughter getting killed by Bellower, and us sending her off on a raft in a Viking-appropriate burial at sea. The abrupt ending didn’t really have much of an explanation, though I read somewhere that this is the first in a series, so perhaps more will make sense later. Either way, it was a fun game and I’d recommend it.

I’ve played Luftrausers in between other bits of more serious gaming, and have found it to be quite enjoyable. Despite it’s dated graphical look, it’s still a lot of fun to see how long you can last, how high you can get your score and what challenges you can complete. Earning points gets you upgrades, so just grind away at it. Each combination of weapon, body and engine comes complete with it’s own name, along with strengths and weaknesses. There’s a ‘fat’ body and an engine that propels you by firing bullets, A ‘melee’ body that allows you to just charge into anything without taking damage (except for bullets, of course), and all kinds of other combinations to be had. For a game that you can easily play for 5 minutes and then move on to something else, this was worth the money.

Steam is a huge MF though. A daily deal, weekend deals, mid-week madness, week-long deals… I mean, why even own a wallet? All my monies are belong to them. The deal of the day a couple of days ago was for Orcs Must Die!, the GOTY was $3 and change so I got it. The game plays a lot like Dungeon Defenders, but is single player only, and rather than using turrets, you use traps that do various things. They are identical in that you can jump into the fray as well, but this game is single player only. Still, I ran through the first 5 or 6 levels in an hour, and it was frantic fun. Apparently the sequel has co-op, so perhaps I’ll get that one later on down the road as well. Just yesterday I saw a list of the deals for this week and there are a couple of titles I’m interested in. Damn them.

Hearthstone has been taking up a chunk of every day still, and I have been steadily working to improve my decks. I feel very confident with my Hunter, Pirate Rogue, and my newly minted Murlock (Warlock with Murlocs — I see wat you did there!) deck. All I need is a few more legendaries, and things are going to be very difficult for my opponents. As an added benefit, having purchased ROS netted me a free pack of cards:


Apparently it would have been two packs if I bought a collector’s edition or some nonsense. Still, can’t complain about free.

Lastly, I started playing Reaper of Souls last night, as it launched at 9 p.m. my time. I ran through some of the new stuff and then jumped on a freshly made Crusader, but the game was being laggy, presumably with people checking out the expansion. So I jumped onto Steam, but Steam was having issues last night too. I kept getting messages about losing connection to Steam while trying to play Awesomenauts, so I jumped back to Hearthstone, then gave up on everything for a while. Then I went back to Diablo for the rest of the night. But I digress…

ROS is looking to be more of the same, but still cool. The Crusader had some interesting abilities and all, but playing through the beginning again so soon just didn’t sit right. So I went back to my Wizard and leveled him to 63, getting through the first few quests and the first major boss of the act, Urzael. A new enchanting merchant was added, and I leveled her up to ten almost instantaneously. It seems to upgrade any of the merchants further I have to dump demonic essences, and most of what I’d want to craft uses those as well, and so far I’ve seen 3. So I’m not sure how much of a bitch it is to farm them later on, but we shall see. I’m assuming that finishing the last Act opens up the Adventure mode and/or Torment levels, but I’m not entirely sure how that works. I’m guessing beating Act V on Hard (which is my current difficulty setting) will open up further difficulties, but again, I’m just speaking off the top of my head. One way or the other, the expansion feels “worth it” so far. Here’s a pic of what my Wizard looks like at the moment:


Rubik’s Cube, anyone?