Oh… yeah, my bad

I totally spaced that today was Tuesday, although I was fairly busy. Gonna be late on that State of the Game stuff. I will leave you with another good ol’ April Fool’s Day post, this one dealing with some interesting changes to League of Legends. You aren’t ready for Ultra Rapid Fire mode!

I’ll be back with some other more serious stuff tomorrow. Probably.

4 thoughts on “Oh… yeah, my bad

  1. I haven’t played LOL since last season, but knowing the game this really made me smile. That would be hilarious – I would have missed it if you didn’t post!


    • Ironically, this isn’t completely an April Fool’s joke. They actually made this a playable game mode. As of last night it was still live, but I’m not sure for how long. It was still funny as hell though!


      • Okay that is AWESOME! I almost said that in the comments – “If only a game designer would actually make their April Fools joke.. live!”

        I just didn’t have the patience to relearn LOL when they made all the changes at season end. Although I did see they finally made a Rumble skin (my main toplaner) so that was *almost* enough.. =)


      • I actually read about another game where their April Fool’s joke was playable. There’s a couple games on Steam made by a company called Vlambeer (or something like that). They made Super Crate Box and Luftrausers which just released in March. They’re working on a new game called Nuclear Throne that’s supposed to be a Roguelike-like. It has an early access, and apparently they announced on the first that they were changing direction and instead of the game being 2-D they were going to make it a 3-D FPS. The pics made it look a lot like Minecraft graphically, and apparently people were playing it. I’m sure that option will also be removed shortly.


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