The State of the Game is no more

This week was a little short on game time. I spent most of Friday-Sunday being busy. Friday I was doing some spring cleaning in my house/garage/yard. Saturday we had a rather large party that was a success, but also a pain in the ass. Sunday I spent the day recovering, and since then have had to also clean up the house all over again. I did do some gaming in between all of that, and before and after, but it was limited, so I didn’t make much progress in any one thing. I mostly bounced around between session based games and tried out a few free to play titles.

The majority of my time, as usual, was spent in Awesomenauts and Hearthstone. I don’t know what it is exactly about those two games, but I want to play them every day. Not only do I enjoy the challenge of besting other players, but the game play itself is very appealing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed MOBA style games for a few years now, and CCGs have also had a place in my heart since childhood. Being better than someone has it’s thrill, but being bested by someone allows you something more valuable — to learn from your mistakes and to improve.

I’ve been debating changing the format of this column, or getting rid of it altogether, because there are other bits I’d like to talk about (such as things that I’m watching/reading/listening to) that could be part of this column. I also sometimes write about the games I’m playing during the week, so when Tuesday comes I am either giving paraphrased experiences or rehashing bits I’ve already written about. I originally started this column with the idea that I didn’t really post regularly and this would at least guarantee that I posted once a week. I’ve been doing pretty good during the 23 weeks that this column has been running, by posting more than once a week, so perhaps this column has served its purpose and can be laid to rest.

In coming weeks the Newbie Blogger Initiative will be running its annual events, and though I have known about the NBI for a couple of years I have never participated, but I am starting to form ties in the community and aim to be more involved this year, and in years to come. With that said, I will most likely have plenty of writing to do, and it’s not as though I’m going to stop blogging on Tuesdays or other days of the week just because I no longer call this “the state of the game.” I may continue to use that moniker for my weekly round up of things that I didn’t already post about, but I’m also planning to expand upon things I’m watching via Netflix or DVR or whatever platform, and to continue to notate other bits of my life. These shared experiences aim to increase conversation among ourselves and to share in our growth together.

With all of that said, if any of you happened to stumble upon this blog and are not part of the above community, but would like to get involved, feel free to contact me. If you are new to blogging and would like to ask questions or be “mentored” I am also available. If you’re one of “the old guard” like myself, and would like to get involved in building this community, you can contact me or you can join up at the above linked website. You can also submit your blog on the Gaming Blog Nexus to become a member. But don’t think that we are limited to just gaming, most members are open to other nerdy/geeky topics as well.

Happy Writing.

3 thoughts on “The State of the Game is no more

  1. My go to games right now are Binding of Isaac and Civ V. I can’t get any other gaming done because of those two, even though I’ve already spent tens of hours on them!

    It’s absurd.


    • I loved Civ V. I got Quest of Dungeons that recently released on Steam and it’s a roguelike which was comapred to Binding of Issac. I’m actually interested in giving that title a go as well.

      For some reason I have more fun being able to play a 30 minute round (Awesomenauts/LoL) or a few shorter rounds of cards (Hearthstone) as opposed to playing a super involved game most of the time. Roguelikes like the one I mentioned or like Rogue Legacy/Binding of Issac are great for short bursts of play as well.

      Then a couple of days pass and I’m itching for an MMO or in depth strategy/RPG title. I think a lot of us are looking for that new MMO feeling but there isn’t a way to get that again, because once past your first love none are the same again. I went through it, and many MMOs before deciding less time consuming games are typically more fun, but you need more of them. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. But hey, at least we’re gaming and enjoying what we play, right?


      • Yes, but I have been playing Wind Waker for months because I keep putting it off in favor of short bursts of gaming action. It’s getting a bit troublesome!

        MMOs are a unique beast to me because I love marathoning them or just picking them up for a quick run. It’s very difficult to hit that fine line without caving to accessibility (queues for everyone) or depth (what does the U key do again?).

        Not that it matters – they all suck right now anyway.


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